The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Matt Cherette · 08/28/11 07:30PM

Come one, come all, and join us as we watch the 2011 MTV Music Video Awards! The black carpet pre-show special is airing right now, and the actual VMAs will begin live at 9:00 PM ET. Here's your open forum.

Live Blogging Project Runway, Week 2

MisterHippity · 08/04/11 07:00PM

Another episode of Project Runway is about to start, and you're cordially invited to join our commenter live blog. It's fun and easy to enter—just like an "I like myself" pocket!

Top Chef: All Stars Reunion Special

MisterHippity · 04/06/11 08:27PM

Ready to reminisce about those halcyon Wednesday nights of Winter 2011? Then join us in the comments as we live-blog tonight's Top Chef reunion show. Now's your chance to re-ogle your favorite hot-looking chef who got booted too early this season!

Live-Blogging the Top Chef: All-Stars Season Finale

MisterHippity · 03/30/11 08:00PM

We've reached the final episode, and it's a two-horse race. And Will Mike Isabella win by a neck? Or will Richard Blais prevail in a hair-raising finish? Join us in the comments as we live-blog the home stretch!

Live Blogging Top Chef: All-Stars, Week 15

MisterHippity · 03/23/11 08:00PM

It's Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta get down on Wednesday! As Rebecca Black would say, We so excited. That's because our commenter live blog of Top Chef Masters is about to begin, and you're invited! Fun fun fun fun …

Live Blogging Top Chef: All-Stars, Week 14

MisterHippity · 03/16/11 08:00PM

Happy hump day! If you don't have any humping to do during the next hour or two, why not watch Top Chef and post comments about it with us instead? Our live blog is about to get under way, so join us!

Live Blogging Top Chef: All-Stars, Week 13

MisterHippity · 03/09/11 09:00PM

The two-part, Bahamas-based season finale gets underway tonight. So grab a big floppy straw hat and a tropical drink, and join us as we all live-blog it in the comments! Bikini-wearing is optional.

Live Blogging Top Chef: All-Stars, Week 12

MisterHippity · 03/02/11 09:24PM

"Chef law" dictates that anyone who sees this post before tonight's Top Chef episode begins must join our commenter live blog—or else you'll be sentenced to seeing Dale cry in your dreams forever! Got that? Then what's stopping you?

Live Blogging Top Chef All-Stars, Week 11

MisterHippity · 02/23/11 09:00PM

Has life got you suffering from palate fatigue? Well, nothing can bring your pop-cultural taste buds back to life like a Top Chef commenter live blog, I always say. Our latest one is about to start, so why not join us?

Live Blogging Top Chef: All-Stars, Week 10

MisterHippity · 02/16/11 09:00PM

Get ready to turn on your TV and grab a hold of your laptop! No, not that laptop—I mean your computer. It's time for another of our commenter-created Top Chef live blogs—also known as The Nude Fondue Party. Join us!

Live Blogging Top Chef: All-Stars, Week 9

MisterHippity · 02/09/11 09:00PM

Winter got you down? Well, just think: By the time this Top Chef season is over, spring will almost be here. And if you live-blog the show with us each week, this dreary winter will pass all the more quickly. So join us!