Not even the French can ban access to Max Mosley's Nazi-inspired sex video

Melissa Gira Grant · 04/30/08 02:00PM

Max Mosley, head of Formula One motor racing, son of Nazi sympathizers, and now the unwitting star of a "sadomasochistic sex orgy" tape, has been denied his request to the French court to block access to the online video sites still showing it. Claiming that his right to privacy has been violated, but denying any fascist leanings played out by him and the five prostitutes hired to act out a light concentration-camp sex game, Mosley's lawyers wanted British tabloid News of the World, which released the tape, blocked from France — what for, as punishment? It's not like there aren't already all those other sites still offering the clip of Mosley in prison stripes being bossed around a beige-carpeted "dungeon."