"We Will Strangle Qaddafi’s Troops Tonight," Say Libyan Rebels

Lauri Apple · 08/21/11 09:38AM

Libyan leader/fashion icon Muammar Gaddafi might have to file for unemployment soon, as it seems rebel fighters in his country—emphasis on "his," at least until now—have put down their bongs and taken control of several cities. Now they're gearing up to take over Tripoli, the Libyan capital city. Like, for real this time.

Argentina's Dancing With the Stars is Very NSFW

Christopher Han · 12/29/10 05:00PM

The Argentineans are a fiery bunch. Their version of Dancing With the Stars features a strip-dance and leaves little to the imagination. The host feigns censorship at the end, but who are they fooling?

My Blackberry Doesn't Work

Christopher Han · 12/27/10 12:30PM

A sketch from the show The One Ronnie on BBC that features our favorite hand-held, fruit-named devices; the Blackberry and Apple. The question is, how many puns can they fit inside?

Protestor Easily Escapes Russian Police

Christopher Han · 12/26/10 02:00PM

Remember to lock your doors! That includes the backseat of a paddy wagon! Unfortunately for the Russian Police, they must have assumed that the next guy would take care of that crucial step. Alas, the one that got away..

Synchronized Diving Taken to a Whole New Level

Christopher Han · 12/23/10 04:25PM

The Japanese have become lemmings! Check out these precision timed divers follow one another off the diving board, leaving only a couple seconds in between plunges. It starts to look superhuman after a while.

Child Who Abuses Lizard Gets What He Deserves

Christopher Han · 12/07/10 09:30AM

A kid this young - it's not his fault. However, if you hit a lizard one too many times, it's going to retaliate. If the first 51 seconds disturb you, the last 10 will not!

Norway Loves Flashing the News, Too

Christopher Han · 12/06/10 07:30PM

This guy is so eager to show his penis on television, that he's standing in the freezing cold (it's Norway) literally jumping up and down, just for that chance. Funny how long it takes for security to arrive.

What a Generic News Report Looks Like

Christopher Han · 11/21/10 11:30AM

Look familiar? The good folks over at BBC Four made a spot-on parody of what pretty much every news report looks, feels, and sounds like. It's wonderfully meta.. cheeky, actually.

Live Commercial for Unbreakable Lid Proves False

Christopher Han · 11/18/10 11:52AM

Translated from Spanish, this talking head says this cooking lid was inspired from the Bruce Willis film Unbreakable. A strange inspiration for a cooking lid, but lets put it to the test.