Foreclosures on The Top 1% Sure Do Move Slowly

Hamilton Nolan · 02/28/12 10:12AM

Lots of people in America have lately found themselves unable to pay their mortgages. Approximately 1% of the loans in foreclosure in America are for more than $1 million. For that (relatively) fortunate—let's just call them, I don't know, the 1%—it takes a lot longer to get kicked the hell out. The WSJ reports:

Occupy Wall Street Is Occupying Foreclosed Homes

Adrian Chen · 12/06/11 03:50PM

Occupy Wall Street is taking it to the streets of areas hit hard by foreclosures around the country today. In New York, protesters are taking a tour of foreclosed homes in East New York, which will ultimately end with them "occupying" a property in an attempt to keep its residents from being evicted.

Top Foreclosure Firm Threw Homeless-Themed Halloween Bash

Max Read · 10/29/11 02:50PM

If you're one of the nation's top "foreclosure mill" law firms—representing Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo in their attempts to foreclose on homes and evict homeowners—what better way to celebrate Halloween than by throwing a party where everyone comes as a dirty, homeless victim of your practice?

All the Powerful People Really Hate New York AG Eric Schneiderman

Jim Newell · 08/24/11 04:27PM

Things are going about as expected for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman when he decided to take on the full brunt of the White House and the largest megabanks in the country by trying to investigate the full load of their mortgage-related crimes over the past decade: Somewhat difficultly.

Nicolas Cage's Foreclosed Las Vegas Crazy Castle

Richard Lawson · 01/12/11 11:35AM

Hollywood's resident madman Nicolas Cage went on a property buying spree in the 2000s, only to find out that, oops, he couldn't afford all those houses. This is one of those places, an $8.9 million palace in America's grossest city.

Extreme Makeover: Home Foreclosure Edition

Jeff Neumann · 04/06/10 04:22AM

Watching Ty Pennington smash old walls and slap coats of lacquer on new home bowling lanes for struggling families was heartwarming. And the family who got to live in a castle… a real fairytale ending! Then the economy crashed.