Stephanie Seymour Files For Divorce

cityfile · 05/07/09 06:14AM

• After 16 years of marriage, Stephanie Seymour has filed for divorce from her polo-playing, art-obsessed husband, Peter Brant. And it doesn't sound like he's taking it well: The mogul reportedly changed the locks on the couple's Greenwich mansion, and is now forcing Stephanie to sleep in the maid's quarters and threatening to take custody of their three kids. The good news, at least as far as the public's concerned: From the looks of it, the split could be just as riveting as last summer's Brinkley-Cook saga. [P6]
• Kiefer Sutherland is expected to turn himself in to the NYPD today for headbutting Jack McCollough. The penalties may be stiff, too, considering he's still on probation from a 2007 DUI arrest. [NYP]
• The Malawian father of baby Mercy says he was appalled by what Madonna wore to the Costume Institute gala this week, since she should "feel ashamed in that gear." We couldn't agree more. [MSNBC]
• Lindsay Lohan spent the night at Sam Ronson's house and changed her BlackBerry messenger name to "LL loves Sam Ronson" on Tuesday, which probably means the two are getting back together. [People]

Ford Models Founder Jerry Ford, The Last Decent Guy In A Creepy Industry

Moe · 08/26/08 12:37PM

Jerry Ford,* the (dapper!) fellow pictured here, is dead at 83.** Ford founded Ford Models, one of the leading agencies in the seventies and eighties that legitimized the industry and gained renown for discovering Lauren Hutton, Christie Brinkley, Rachel Hunter, Vendela and sundry other blonde ubermodeltypes and OMG I totally forgot about Xuxa. Ford is slightly less famed for its canny picking of future Mouseketeer Gone Wild types: the agency represented Lindsay Lohan and Mischa Barton, Ashley Tisdale, Courteney Cox, Ali Larter and ha ha ha we will forgive him for this but Paris Hilton. Because Jerry Ford was the first genuinely decent boss in a business characterized by predatory "robber barons." A lot has changed since Ford's heyday, and not for the better!The robber barons, for one thing, are back. As our anonymous industry friend and Jezebel contributor Tatiana tells us, most modeling agencies these days are glorified human traffickers that occupy a place on the "usury" spectrum somewhere between Payday Loan shops and actual armed robbers. Agencies stick them in overcrowded model apartments and gouge them on rent. When they are not in "demand," they're forced to work for either clothes or nothing at all; when they are in demand, they're forced to walk 28 shows in a week and that sort of nonsense. Ford was different. He instituted a five-day workweek, paid models every Friday even when clients didn't pay up, and ran a practically Victorian institution wherein models weren't allowed to host gentleman callers. I don't even think he knew how to get coke! Obviously all that shit is gone today. In any case, Ford sold out to a private equity firm in December and his son who is still involved in the company is apparently (duh) a modelizer. We welcome any and all old Ford Model cards, hot Courteney Cox pix, links to that cute Lindsay Lohan-Mischa Barton catalog picture that surfaced sometime last year and/or clips of that retarded Xuxa show. Jerry Ford, Man Behind The Models

Modeling Trailblazer Heads to Agency in the Sky

cityfile · 08/26/08 06:40AM

Jerry Ford, co-founder of Ford Models with his wife Eileen, died on Sunday. The industry pioneer, who invented the notion of having models represent specific brands exclusively—the first being Lauren Hutton for Revlon—was 83. His daughter, Katie Ford, remains on the board of directors of the agency, which is now owned by the investment bank Stone Tower Equity Partners. [NYT]

Byrdie Finds a Job, Signs with Ford

cityfile · 06/30/08 12:45PM

Big news for Byrdie Bell: She finally has something to list under "work info" on her Facebook profile. She's officially a model, thanks to a newly-signed contract with Ford. The 23-year-old socialite has been looking to line up something substantial for a while. She snagged a part in the new Mischa Barton thriller Homecoming, due out sometime this year, and she's been tirelessly attending events over the past two years in hopes of getting noticed. Looks like all that networking paid off now that she's joining the ranks of socialites-turned-models like Lydia Hearst, Julia Restoin Roitfeld, and Lauren Bush. Whether Bydie is giving up on a career in movies isn't clear, but you can bet as one of the last socialites left without a modeling contract, Olivia Palermo is feeling pretty left out right now.