The Clintons Have a For-Profit College Problem Of Their Own

Brendan O'Connor · 06/22/16 02:15PM

Presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump’s foray into for-profit education with Trump University, which currently faces two class-action lawsuits in California brought by former students, and one fraud lawsuit in New York, is by now well documented. In marketing materials, Trump compared Trump University to his alma mater, the prestigious Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania; in a deposition in January, he favorably compared its refund policy to the Home Shopping Network’s. Then, when called on the carpet for failing to deliver results for students, Trump said in his own defense that no one should have believed his “marketing BS.”

Do Not Get a Degree From an Online For-Profit College

Hamilton Nolan · 03/24/16 11:00AM

If you want to go to college, try community college. Try public college. Try the school of hard knocks. Do not, however, pay money for a degree from an online, for-profit school. Studies say: no!!!

U.S. Government Still Aiming The Cash Faucet At Fraudulent For-Profit Colleges

Chris Thompson · 10/12/15 10:25PM

Good news for all you scammers out there running bogus for-profit colleges: the United States government is wondering whether you’ve got some extra storage room in your basement for all these surplus billions of dollars it doesn’t have. Here, just take ‘em, man. They’re yours.

Hamilton Nolan · 10/09/15 08:52AM

The US Defense Department has barred the University of Phoenix from recruiting on military bases or taking federal money from soldiers following allegations of recruiting misconduct, and also due to the general fact that the University of Phoenix is trash.

John Oliver Calls Bullshit on Debt-Fueled For-Profit Colleges

Jay Hathaway · 09/08/14 09:15AM

The student loan crisis in the U.S. would be bad enough without for-profit colleges whose entire business model relies on convincing the people most desperate for an education to sign up for lifelong debt. John Oliver picked apart some of their most horrendous practices on Sunday's Last Week Tonight.

More on the Encouraging Decline of Fake Colleges

Hamilton Nolan · 10/25/12 10:20AM

It's been evident for more than a year now that "for profit colleges"—which is to say, "shitty colleges which exist only to make money and which run a lot of advertisements and which you would never ever recommend to a true friend"—are on the decline, after years of virtually minting money. Enrollment is down across the board. Last week, the University of Phoenix announced it's shutting down half of its physical locations. Could this be... real progress?

Good Riddance to 'For Profit Colleges'

Hamilton Nolan · 08/23/11 10:52AM

Americans are smartening up and staying the hell away from school. We recently came to our senses and started avoiding law school. And now, we're avoiding fake colleges, as well. We'll make something of ourselves yet, fellow Americans!

Meet the College Chancellor with a Suburban Sex Dungeon

Maureen O'Connor · 08/01/11 12:48PM

Last week, immigration officials raided the University of Northern Virginia, a for-profit college that was recently the subject of a report on student visa scams. Is there anything that could possibly make this boring story about immigration loopholes and higher education interesting?

Senator's Warning: Don't Fall for the Ol' 'Hot Girl in Pajamas' Trick

Jim Newell · 05/20/11 12:56PM

The battle over federally subsidized loans for for-profit colleges is one of the biggest in Washington these days, as the Education Department is finalizing its rules to crack down on this shady industry which some might suggest only exists to take money from poor people. But still, how is one supposed to resist the industry's recruiting ads showing sexy coeds in their pajamas?