Turkish Official Carried By Farmers Possibly Ariana Grande in Disguise

Dayna Evans · 01/06/15 02:41PM

A Turkish official who was carried across a snowy patch in the Aegean province because he was not wearing sensible footwear has been suspended, the BBC reports, for his inability to comply with the "municipality's attitude of service, citizen relations and values." He had some local farmers carry him as to not get his feetsies wet.

The Rules for Wearing Flip-Flops

Brian Moylan · 01/05/11 03:31PM

Everyone is in a tizzy because Barack Obama dared to wear flip-flops while on vacation. Really? Just so there's never confusion on this matter again, we're going to break down the rules for when it's appropriate to wear them.

M.I.A.'s Fashion Crime: Sweat Socks Under Sandals

Maureen O'Connor · 07/14/10 12:43PM

[Fashion police are summoned to the scene of M.I.A.'s crime: sweat socks under metallic gold sandals, slashed denim, tie-dye, reflective sunglasses, and son Ikhyd in her arms. Will no one think of the children? Image via WENN.]

Shoe-Throwing Is So Last Season

Hamilton Nolan · 04/20/09 09:38AM

When it comes to things to throw at dirty politicians, there are so many options—tomatoes, furniture, urine-filled water balloons, etc. Why not think big? Alas, India is stuck in shoe-throwing rut. Biters!