New Yorker Editor Hearts Jon Stewart

Ryan Tate · 07/17/08 06:10AM

New Yorker editor David Remnick went on the Charlie Rose last night to talk about the whole to-do over the Barack Obama caricature cover. OH GOD JUST LET IT END, right? Remnick kind of feels the same way. But he did take a fun swipe at useless Washington Post media critic Howard Kurtz, and also talked about how his magazine is totally in the bag for Obama and will probably endorse him, so maybe everyone should stop hating him, a position that seems likely to cause some sort of problem for the magazine down the line. He also repeatedly lavished praise on Daily Show host (and New Yorker defender) Jon Stewart, who he called "our greatest press critic." Find out what special favor Remnick did for Stewart by clicking on the thumbnail at left for the clip, and also have fun trying to figure out if Remnick truly believes that "this [cover] image may be too complicated to work out for some people" (his words) or that such a notion is elitist, as he also seems to argue.