Hamilton Nolan · 11/16/12 12:52PM

Tech problems at JPMorgan Chase have temporarily disabled Florida's entire food stamp system. How appropriate.

Record Number of Americans Now Using Food Stamps

Cord Jefferson · 09/05/12 03:20PM

We've been told by the financial experts for months now that the U.S. recession is officially over. That may be what the calculations say, but it certainly doesn't feel that way for the millions of Americans struggling to keep their heads above water, or their mortgages away from the financial cliff, or any of the other dozens of cliches we've created to try and keep stories about financial woes at least marginally distinguishable from one another. To wit: In June, 46.7 million people used food stamps in America. That's roughly one out of every five adults and more people than have used food stamps in the program's 50-year history.

The Newt Gingrich Presidential Campaign Is Already Insane

Jim Newell · 05/16/11 02:17PM

Elderly bombthrower Newt Gingrich, our generation's less talented Richard Nixon, has only been an official presidential candidate for less than a week, but he's already going out of his way to annoy and confuse everyone all the time.

Survival Is the American Dream

Hamilton Nolan · 02/11/10 03:09PM

The Way We Live Now: coming to terms with hopelessness. No use being hoity-toity any more! Our neighborhoods are slums, we live off food stamps, and we work in restaurants. We must accept that we are normal!

The Disconcerting Reality of Food Stamp America

Foster Kamer · 11/29/09 07:00PM

America's food stamp welfare program is now feeding one in eight Americans, and almost one in every four children. This is terrifying for a number of reasons, the least among them being "everyone's poor."