Chipotle Will Shut Down Every Single Store On February 8 for Food Safety Meeting

J.K. Trotter · 01/15/16 11:15AM

Do you still eat at Chipotle? Even after various outbreaks of E. Coli, salmonella, and norovirus swept across its North American locations? If your answer is yes, you must be a very dedicated Chipotle consumer. Which is why you may want to plan ahead for February 8, when every Chipotle restaurant will close for several hours so that its executives can address food safety concerns with staff. A spokesperson for the Denver-cased fast casual chain discussed the plan with Oregonian reporter Lynn Terry:

Chipotle Sued For Defrauding Investors Over the E. Coli They Were Serving Up

Gabrielle Bluestone · 01/08/16 04:07PM

Chipotle, the chain Mexican restaurant that proudly boasts a menu of food “with integrity,” and in several instances, “with E. coli,” has a new affliction to fight off: A lawsuit alleging the company defrauded its investors with regard to its food safety, or lack thereof.