Two Girls, One 'Japanese Condom Ice Cream'

Neetzan Zimmerman · 02/18/13 11:35AM

Japan-based university student Sharla and her BFF Mira attempt to demonstrate how to properly consume "Japanese Condom Ice Cream," and inadvertently capture "the highest number of unintentional sexual innuendos you'll ever find in one place."

Defamer Food Review: Pandering To Kiddie Tastes At The 'Monster House' Premiere

mark · 07/19/06 04:09PM

It's been far too long since the Defamer Special Movie Premiere Food Critic dusted off his tastebuds and filed a report on the latest breakthroughs in Hollywood's appetizer and buffet technologies, but we dragged our gastronomic arbiter of debut galas away from the Blue Plate Special of semi-retirement for another review. Enjoy his assessment of the offerings at Monday night's Monster House premiere, where Sony pandered to the culinary tastes of the same children they were courting with their cinematic product: