Paula Deen Says 'Of Course' She Uses the N-Word

Caity Weaver · 06/19/13 11:42AM

The Dowager Butterworth, Paula Deen, has allegedly taken an interesting tactic in defending herself against that explosive lawsuit filed by a former employee, accusing her of racism, sexual harassment, and assault: the National Enquirer reports she's just given a deposition in which she admits that "Yes, of course" she throws around racial slurs at work and thinks an elegant idea for a wedding might be to staff it with black men pretending to be slaves. Who doesn't? We're all Americans here, right?

The Best Four Minutes of Sandra Lee's Ridiculous Halloween Special

Matt Cherette · 10/24/11 02:11AM

On Sunday, the Food Network aired Sandra's Halloween Wonderland, an hour-long special from Semi-Homemade Cooking host Sandra Lee. To say that the program—which featured half a dozen costume changes and nearly twice as many cocktail recipes—was a train wreck would be an understatement. But don't just take my word for it! Check out the above compilation to see the special's most absurd moments for yourself.

Guy Fieri Accused of Harassing Women, Disliking Gays

Richard Lawson · 10/17/11 12:00PM

The Food Network's resident lightning strike victim Guy Fieri, host of the popular carb porn show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, is, shockingly, a complete jerk. According to one alt weekly anyway.

Barefoot Contessa: The Time Ina Had Multiple Foodgasms

Matt Cherette · 03/19/11 06:27PM

Rejoice! The Barefoot Contessa recap is back! On today's brand new episode of Ina Garten's rich (in many ways), televised culinary compendium, East Hampton's HBIC sank her teeth into—and got some intense pleasure from—a cornucopia of good eats.

Debi Mazar Gives Us a Cooking Lesson

Brian Moylan · 01/17/11 01:07PM

You may not know that actress, food blogger, and all-around awesome lady Debi Mazar is hosting a new show on the Cooking Channel called Extra Virgin. To celebrate the launch, she taught me how to make pancakes!

Watch Paula Deen Make Love to Her Baked Potato

Annie Fleming · 09/13/10 04:36PM

Celebrity chef Paula Deen reaaalllyy loves the food she cooks. Watch as she takes a sensual bite of her baked potato with mushroom sauce and excuses herself to spend a little personal time with it.

The TV Shows You Really Watch

Richard Lawson · 06/23/10 04:06PM

When someone asks what television shows you watch, it's pretty likely you go for the good stuff — Mad Men, The Wire. Because it makes you sound smart and you do actually watch those shows. But mostly, you watch fluff.

An Ode to Ina: Barefoot Contessa in Three Acts

Mike Byhoff · 02/25/10 01:02PM

Do you know Ina Garten? If not, you should, and the following videos will prove why. Garten hosts Barefoot Contessa, the wildly popular, wildly insane Food Network program, and she's not afraid to let her quirks shine. Inside, a tribute.