Google's food perks on the chopping block

Owen Thomas · 08/24/08 09:00PM

There's no such thing as a free dinner. A worker at Google tells us the company is taking evening meals off the menu: "Google has drastically cut back their budget on the culinary program. How is it affecting campus? No more dinner. No more tea trolley. No more snack attack in the afternoon." The changes will be announced to Googlers on Monday. Workers at the Googleplex will remain amply fed, with free breakfast and lunch — dinner will be reserved for geeks only — but it's still a shocking cutback.Last year, when we aired the mildest speculation about Google cutting back on free food, commenters were outraged. Google has long milked its cafeterias for their publicity value; company executives have crowed about the company's resistance to recessions and its commitment to coddling its employees. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin even promised shareholders they'd add perks, rather than cut them. In 2004, they wrote:

Cruise to Jolie: Have My Spy Thriller, I Want 'Food Fight'

Kyle Buchanan · 08/12/08 11:55AM

Have you heard? Tom Cruise has positively rejuvenated his career with an unbilled, unrecognizable cameo in an R-rated action comedy yet to open! How should he best ride the buzz from his shockingly profane comic role in Tropic Thunder, the likes of which we have never seen him play before? What career move could he possibly make to show discerning audiences that his edgy side is no fluke? Two words: family comedy! That's right, Cruise has decided to forgo the title role in the CIA thriller Edwin A. Salt (perhaps inspired by his gender-blind clothes swapping, he's ceded the part to Angelina Jolie) in favor of a mawkish comedy so cutting-edge that it attracted the director of Drillbit Taylor. Says THR:


Douglas Reinhardt · 07/25/08 11:30AM

Steve Guttenberg launched the initial shot in the seventeenth annual Upper West Side food fight in New York City on Thursday afternoon. Although, it appears that the Cocoon star appeared to be the only participant in the weekend long food fight. After pelting him with a banana, Guttenberg told the photog that he was "It" and now had to tag somebody else before the weekend was finished. While the food fight has been going on for seventeen years, Guttenberg has high hopes that this will be the event's breakout year. Guttenberg said, "The past few years, it's just been my agent and myself throwing Girl Scout Cookies back and forth at each other. This year, I think we can do better than that. I know that we can do better than that."

Braden Keil: Mario Batali "Should Get Back In The Kitchen"

Joshua Stein · 06/15/07 01:20PM

Yesterday Eater published a column by notorious blog-hating chef Mario Batali, appropriately called Why I hate Food Bloggers. Strangely the only boldfaced name Batali singles out in his philippic isn't a blogger at all but a real "journalist," the Post's Mr. Braden Keil. Apropos coverage of Batali's latest victory over his landlord at Del Posto, Batali writes