Dave Grohl Accidentally Berates Grieving Son for Crying at Concert

Andy Cush · 08/19/15 03:00PM

Dave Grohl, a man who believes that his music has the power to make grown men cry, also believes that those grown men who cry over his music should be made into a public spectacle. This is all well and good for Dave Grohl, except for when the sad men at his concerts are not crying over his very earnest rock songs, but, instead, their dead mothers.

Foo Fighters Dress Up Like 'Truckers,' Protest 'God Hates Fags' Church

Lauri Apple · 09/17/11 02:24PM

Before their concert in Kansas City (the Missouri one), the Foo Fighters treated a bunch of Westboro Baptist Church picketers to a free concert that was actually a counter-protest against the church and its hatred of everything and everyone, especially The Gays. For the occasion, the Foos dressed up in the outfits they wear in their "Hot Buns video," in which they supposedly play either stereotypical truck drivers or stereotypical artists from Bushwick.

Foo Fighters Will "Call Out a Catering Jihad" if Tour Rider Is Ignored

Sheila · 05/13/08 12:43PM

Being on tour is hard work, and cheapo promoters screwing you out of hotel rooms and serving crappy food at every turn doesn't help bring the rock to the kids. There must be standards! In a document procured by the Smoking Gun, rock band the Foo Fighters' tour rider asks for normal stuff, like a "selection of cereals—unopened. Do not recycle from last night's Dio show." Then, in the following excerpt, we learn how to "think outside the box as we consider the CHICKEN BREAST."