They put #$*&@! Sanger back in my bio, again!?

Jackson West · 07/15/08 06:00PM

A session at Foo Camp last weekend put on by Christy Canida and Jane McGonigal was meant to teach "things like empathy, how to play a role in a larger group, confidence in social settings, and supporting them in creating meaningful relationships online and in the real world." Wikipedia cofounder Jimmy Wales seems to have spent it text messaging — click for the full photo. Have a better caption? The best one will become the new headline. Friday's winner: "The number of good ideas I've had" by [Fake] Michael Arrington. (Photo by Jane McGonigal)

Jimmy Wales, cult leader

Owen Thomas · 07/14/08 12:40PM

With 600 conferencegoers, attendance is down, but not dramatically. It's not a boycott; it's a borecott. But 600 followers devoted enough to trek to Alexandria are more than enough to puff up Wales's ego. They think they're attending a conference; like the postadolescents ringing Wales at Foo Camp, they're really just playing his game.

Transport modes of the rich and famous

wagger1 · 06/23/07 02:03PM

Ordinary hackers have to drive two hours to get to the rural Northern California town of Sebastopol to attend Foo Camp, the Tim O'Reilly-sponsored geekfest. Google cofounder Larry Page? He shows up in a helicopter, landing on a reserved patch of grass. Just another perk of being one of the richest nerds on the planet. (Photo by Marc Davis)

Loose Wires: Oh foo

Nick Douglas · 08/31/06 10:50PM
  • A compelling play-by-play of the goings-on at FOO Camp '06. We don't know about you, but starting the day watching Kevin Rose popping a zit at an Addictive Users seminar and ending with Moshe Cohen entertaining the masses with his zany clownish antics is well worth the privilege of being a Friend of O'Reilly. [Dion Hinchcliffe's Web 2.0 Blog]