Typography Insight Makes Learning Fonts Gorgeous and Easy

Sam Biddle · 05/23/11 08:40PM

lot of people can get through life without having to stray far from 12 point Times New Roman. Maybe 13 if they're cheating on a paper. But typography is fascinating—and this app's great for pros and novices.

Turns Out Comic Sans Is Good for Something

Max Read · 01/14/11 01:45AM

Poor Comic Sans! The favorite font of administrative assistants and H.R. representatives everywhere is deeply hated by so-called "design nerds." But guess what, design nerds? Poor unpopular Comic Sans might actually have a beneficial use. Because it's so horrifically ugly.

Dude, Fliers

Hamilton Nolan · 04/04/08 04:02PM

Here's a list of 63 different whimsical faux-stencil fonts you can use to make fliers for your indie band that look grittier than just normal fliers which would not indicate your indie tendencies quite as well. [Outlaw Design Blog via Kottke]

We Have The New 'Harry Potter' And This Is How It Ends

abalk · 07/19/07 12:32PM

Guess what we found on the street? That's right, a copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows! The most important book ever—for kids! There are some conspiracy theories out there that claim the Times' Michiko Kakutani bought a "wrong" or "fake" copy of the book, but having read through to the epilogue that ties everything up, it pretty much all jibes with her review. And what of that epilogue? Well, okay. But because there are some of you out there who are for some inexplicable reason fans of the childrens' book series, we will put it under the jump. DO NOT CLICK THROUGH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW HOW IT ENDS.