The Jersey Devil Is Real

Ashley Feinberg · 10/12/15 05:06PM

In the rich and vibrant folklore of the storied lands of South Jersey, the most fascinating creature of all is the fabled Jersey Devil. Now, thanks to a citizen journalist in correspondence with (motto: “True Jersey”), the mystery is solved. At long last, we have proof: The Jersey Devil is real.

The Assassination of Canada by the Coward Rob Ford

Ken Layne · 11/06/13 10:30AM

Canadians are good people. They are not grotesquely fat like Americans, they are not smoking ghetto drugs like the Americans always do, and they are not running around with a bunch of suburban hoodlums called "The Goonies," which is from an American movie. When the world thinks of Canada, it thinks of artists and poets like Leonard Cohen and Neil Young, and also the Canadian Mounties in their proudly un-ironic uniforms. There is no irony in Canada, because people are good. Rob Ford should be kicked out of Canada, right into that immense freezing lake that has for so long kept the vulgar Americans out of the nice part of North America.