My Favoritest Bushism

Richard Lawson · 01/16/09 06:46PM

Of all the silly (and, at this point, pretty cliche) George W. Bushisms—his malapropisms, his infamous stumbles in syntax—one stands out for me as my absolute favorite. It's a surreal delight:

Meghan McCain is a Punk Rocker

Sheila · 10/31/08 05:30PM

McCain daughter Meghan: she blogs, she's threatened to get a tattoo, and now she's declaring herself punk as fuck when asked about her friendship with Linda Ramone, wife of Johnny from the Ramones—the band whose punk-rock ethics were offset by some of its members' kneejerk Queens-bred working class Republicanism.

Howard Stern Questions Marsha Brady About Her History of Anal Sex

ian spiegelman · 10/17/08 05:57PM

Once again Howard Stern is fulfilling his mission of delving deeply into the sex lives of our childhood-and more recent-crushes. On the hot seat for tonight's installment of Stern's On Demand show is none other than Marsha Brady, nee Maureen McCormick. As one of the top five teen idols of the late 60's and early 70's, there is one crucial thing the world needs to know about McCormick: Has she had anal? She has! But does she like it? Folks on both sides of the issue are going to have to rework their Marsha Brady fantasies. Clip after the jump. Click to view Also? 34 years after The Brady Bunch went off the air and she is still so amazingly hot! And that's not just nostalgia talking.

What's Your Depression Playlist?

ian spiegelman · 10/10/08 06:15PM

A tipster wonders what music Gawker readers are turning to now that our economic world has drawn to a close. So let's have it. What are your top music choices for enduring this thing? Oh, and the image at left? Just getting you primed for the only tried and true method of solving global collapse—a world fucking war, people! C'mon, it won't be that bad! Russia will fight itself. Who cares about Middle East? And China's space program is garbage, so their missiles probably won't get anywhere near us. Plus, their Air Force has nothing that can stay in the air against our F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. So we'll be fine! In the meantime, what music are you listening to? My picks after the jump.

Genius Harry Shearer Gets in on Sarah Palin Clusterfuck

ian spiegelman · 10/03/08 06:26PM

Comedy goddess Tina Fey isn't the only funnylady who can pull off a mean Sarah Palin imitation. Harry Shearer-of The Simpsons, This is Spinal Tap, SNL's male synchronized swimming movie, and just about every other funny thing in the last 30 years-has just written and posted this fun song, "Bridge to Nowhere." It stars his wife, actress Judith Owen, whose Palin is spot-on and will make you eat the nearest hunk of rusted iron when you reflect that they are singing about a real candidate for a real fucking office. And try not to remember that John McCain will probably die in office when you watch this, coz that lessens the funny. Update: God you guys are hard to please! Now there's video of drunk-ass monkeys after the jump!! Click to view