Report: Rich Kid Democratic Challenger for Marco Rubio's Senate Seat Vastly Overstated His Business Experience

Brendan O'Connor · 06/23/16 04:12PM

A investigative report from CBS Miami into two-term Democratic representative Patrick Murphy—who is running to take Senator Marco Rubio’s seat from the Republican Party—has cast significant doubt on Murphy’s repeated claims that he worked as a Certified Public Accountant and owned his own business. According to the report, however, Murphy never actually worked as a CPA, and his father bought the company that he only briefly worked for, and claimed to own.

This Goofy Repository of Florida Farm Crimes Is My New Favorite Facebook Page

Andy Cush · 05/16/16 04:00PM

I don’t know about you, but when I log onto Facebook, I’m hoping to see pregnancy announcements from couples I went to high school with, self-congratulatory status updates from my professional peers, and photos of the latest gator crimes and horse frauds being perpetrated in the Sunshine State. That’s why the Florida Agricultural Crimes Intelligence Unit is my new favorite page on the social network.

Russian Hacker Accessed Email of Palm Beach Sheriff's Office Investigator Accused of Surveilling Journalists

Andy Cush · 04/22/16 01:44PM

A Russian hacker who claims to have broken into the personal computer of a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office investigator named Mark Lewis did have access to Lewis’s email account at one point, an email released to Gawker this week shows. The hacker, who goes only by the pseudonym BadWolf, previously claimed to have obtained a document from Lewis’s computer that seemed to implicate Lewis and the PBSO in the surveillance of local journalists.

Florida Congressional Candidate Penned Gross Song(?) About Banging a Very Drunk Woman

Ashley Feinberg · 04/19/16 01:32PM

Before he was a star on the rise in the world of Florida politics, State Senator Darren Soto was apparently a member George Washington University Law School’s Law Revue, a “musical and sketch comedy show,” which sounds almost as terrible as the Florida House of Representatives. In 2006, three short years after he authored a Law Revue song in which he lamented, “Back when we were both 1-L’s you were in my section/I spent every day in Con Law hiding my erection,” he was elected to the Florida House of Representatives. The good people of Florida reelected him for several more terms before moving on to the State Senate in 2012 (and for which he was reelected in 2014).