Carol Brady Got Crabs from Former NYC Mayor

Jeff Neumann · 06/26/11 11:31PM

Florence Henderson, who played Carol Brady on The Brady Bunch, is pushing her new memoir so naturally she felt the need to tell the world about the time she got crabs on a one-night stand. Back in the 60s, Henderson boned NYC mayor John Lindsay (both were married at the time), and he left her with a parting gift:

Who's Who on the New Cast of Dancing With the Stars

Max Read · 08/30/10 10:48PM

Dancing With the Stars, ABC's reality competition about alleged celebrities, who dance, has announced the cast for its 11th season, which premieres in late September. But who are these "stars"? And what, exactly, are they "famous" for?

Execs Appalled As Cloris Leachman Becomes Sanjaya-Like Threat to 'Dancing with the Stars'

Kyle Buchanan · 10/23/08 03:45PM

It's a bad time to be backstage at ABC: not even twenty-four hours after word broke about behind-the-scenes in-fighting at The View, the Chicago Sun-Times is reporting similar agita over at Dancing with the Stars, where the tyrannical Cloris Leachman has proven impossible to send home. It appears the producers and fellow dancers are firmly on Team Florence Henderson, as they're tired of the 82-year-old Leachman evading the ax simply by hamming it up for the cameras. "She has a Quentin Tarantino role to get to," they cry! "Does she need anything else?"

Here's The Story of Warring Battle Axes Florence Henderson & Cloris Leachman

Kyle Buchanan · 10/22/08 05:45PM

While it wasn't hard to see some of today's blowups coming, we were unprepared for the latest feud to hit Hollywood: Brady Bunch materfamilias Florence Henderson versus resurgent Dancing with the Stars hoofer Cloris Leachman! The 82-year-old Leachman has paso dobled her way into America's hearts over the past few weeks with her patented brand of cussing and cleavage, but to fellow Dancing vet Henderson, that simply isn't how its done! She spilled on her anti-Cloris crusade to Life & Style: