Jersey Shore: Blood on the Cobblestones

Brian Moylan · 09/23/11 01:00PM

In the latest dispatch from the eight guidos in the most important sociological experiment of our time, there was an arrival and a departure, a reunion and break up, a prank and a fight, and one woman tottering around on high heels over the cobblestones. Shit got absolutely Shakespearean.

Jersey Shore in Italy Is Awesomely Grotesque

Brian Moylan · 07/19/11 11:46AM

Finally, we get a glimpse of all the death and destruction the guidos of Jersey Shore bring to Florence for their fourth season. It's like the Fellini movie that we always wanted. It's time to get excited, everyone!

Whiplashed Snooki Rocks a Neck Brace Look

Brian Moylan · 05/31/11 02:00PM

Jersey Shore heffalump Snooki was held in police custody this weekend in Florence after crashing into a police car, bringing her international crime spree to an end. She may have been injured in the accident because today she's wearing a neck brace. But our Snooki sure knows how to do it justice.

The Crazy Rules for Jersey Shore's Trip to Italy

Brian Moylan · 04/19/11 01:45PM

Florence, Italy will play host to our eight favorite guidos from Jersey Shore for the series' fourth season, and now the city's mayor of has issued a litany of rules the show has to follow as it takes the circus abroad. These are going to be impossible to follow.

Lindsay Lohan Offers To Bare All On Film, Clueless Producers Turn Her Down

Molly Friedman · 04/09/08 01:20PM

Apparently Lindsay Lohan had such a great time stripping down and showcasing her talents in the pages of New York Magazine that she's overly eager to display the full monty in her next role. Set to play a sex-addicted waitress in the upcoming Florence, Lohan allegedly wanted to turn a topless scene into an opportunity to disprove all the Firecrotch rumors for good. Unfortunately for Lindsay and the rest of the world, producers "nixed that idea." Adding insult to injury, the freshly rehabbed star is reportedly only making $75,000 to take her clothes off prove her acting chops in this role. So why did Lohan decide to take this part at all? As a source tells Star: