UCLA Campus Flooded After Water Main Breaks

Aleksander Chan · 07/29/14 08:13PM

Some students and motorists became stranded after a 102-year-old water main broke near the UCLA campus. A geyser has erupted in the middle of Sunset Boulevard, flooding surrounding streets with rapid water and mud. NBC Los Angeles is reporting that the water is knee-deep in some areas of the campus.

Andy Cush · 06/20/14 08:33AM

A man looks at piled up cars in Varna, Bulgaria after heavy rain and flooding in the city killed at least 10 people and left several more missing. Photo via Associated Press.

Sarah Hedgecock · 05/16/14 01:15PM

A woman is evacuated from her home in Obrenovac, a town 18 miles southwest of Belgrade, Serbia, on Friday. Serbian authorities are considering full evacuation of Obrenovac, inhabited by roughly 25,000 people, as the local rivers have flooded most of the town's residential areas. Image via Marko Drobnjakovic/AP.

Sarah Hedgecock · 05/01/14 01:21PM

Cars are submerged in the Schuylkill River's flood waters along Main St. on Thursday in Philadelphia. During a nine-hour period that ended early Thursday, Chester County got 6.6 inches of rain, Delaware and Montgomery counties got 5.5 inches or more and Philadelphia almost 5 inches. Image via Matt Rourke)/AP.

1,200 People Missing in Devastating Colorado Floods

Taylor Berman · 09/16/13 07:24AM

The flooding in Colorado is expected to continue as forecasts are predicting more rain Monday. This comes after another day of heavy rain in Larimer County on Sunday, triggering concern of flooding in previously unaffected communities along the South Platte River in northeast Colorado.

Weather Service Prophet Warns Colorado of "Biblical Rainfall"

Ken Layne · 09/12/13 01:42PM

How do you warn people that the flooding situation is really dangerous around Boulder, Colorado? A forecaster for the National Weather Service used some good old Bible terror in this morning's Denver/Boulder update. Is this modern-day Noah collecting raccoons and deer and stray pit bulls, right now?

Naked Drunk North Korean Man Washes Ashore In South Korea

Adrian Chen · 09/10/12 03:58PM

A North Korean man may have had the best luck—and hangover—of any drunk person in history. He was discovered last Sunday morning on the South Korean Island of Gangwha, near the border with North Korea, having apparently floated to the South on a piece of wood while trashed.

Images from Thailand's Worst Floods in 50 Years

Max Read · 10/27/11 02:51AM

It's an unusually heavy monsoon season in Thailand, and the country is experiencing some of the worst, and longest flooding in memory. Nearly 2.5 million people have been affected, and more than 300 have died; public holidays have been declared throughout the country to give people time to move.

National Guard Trucks Can Drive Underwater?

Maureen O'Connor · 08/29/11 01:29PM

Wha—? Maybe—? No, I have no idea, I'm not going to bother trying to evaluate. This surreal video apparently shows a pair of National Guard trucks driving down the street in Manville, NJ, fully submerged in water. At the end of the video, camo-uniformed guardsmen climb out the windows and onto the vehicles' roofs. As the increasingly annoying cameraman wonders, "How is that possible?"