Houston Street in Manhattan Is Flooded

Taylor Berman · 05/22/14 11:15AM

A water main broke on Houston Street this morning, flooding the Manhattan thoroughfare near Katz's Deli. Firefighters have responded to the scene and are working to pump water from the famous deli's basement. Adjust your commute accordingly.

Brooklyn Is Flooding [UPDATED]

Adrian Chen · 08/15/12 03:27PM

Flash flood warnings have been issued until 5:30pm today for Brooklyn and Queens amid severe thunderstorms. And they weren't kidding! Multiple reports from Twitter show that some pretty impressive flooding has hit Brooklyn. The photo above was posted to Twitter by Jezerfic and was taken on Woodbine street in Bushwick, Brooklyn. I've also seen pictures from Williamsburg Gowanus and Park Slope. More pics as we get them.

Was Petco Careless in Letting 100 Animals Die During a Recent Flood?

Lauri Apple · 09/11/11 02:42PM

Earlier this week, at least 100 animals died at a Johnson City, N.Y. Petco store due to flooding caused by Tropical Storm Lee so severe that it turned the pet store's parking lot into a pond. Evidence strongly suggests that the deaths could have been prevented.

Nebraska Nuclear Power Plant Flooded

Seth Abramovitch · 06/26/11 09:03PM

One of two Nebraska nuclear power stations located near the Missouri River is submerged in flood waters, Reuters reports. A hole tore in a 2000-foot, inflatable barrier placed around the facility, allowing over two feet of water to pour into containment buildings and electrical transformers.

Not the Kind of Paddle Out He Had In Mind

Jeff Neumann · 01/13/11 06:23AM

[A man in Brisbane, Australia paddles to safety on his surfboard as the flooded Brisbane River peaked at just under 15 feet today. Image via Getty]