Wikipedia Entries to Use When Flirting: Vol. 1: Kathie Lee Gifford

Caity Weaver · 05/14/13 04:20PM

Meeting a new person and then flirting with them can be a tense, sweaty experience. Chances are you’re going to say some words they’ve heard before, which is boring; you’re going in with one strike against you. Why not give yourself a fighting chance by arranging those words in new and riveting constructions to reveal odd facts you have recently learned from Wikipedia?

Cuba Gooding Jr. Introduced Himself as 'Dick McWilly' at a Party, Told a Lady He'd Had Sex with a Leprechaun

Caity Weaver · 03/06/13 01:52PM

Flirting with strangers is nerve-wracking. You don't want your flirts to come across as boring, but walking the tightrope between "intriguing" and "crazy" can be perilous. Even seasoned pros occasionally skew toward the latter. Take Cuba Gooding, Jr., for example. On Monday, he told a lady at a party that his name was Dick McWilly AND that he'd just gotten out of jail AND that he'd had sex with a leprechaun.

The New Rules of Flirting (For Dudes)

Hamilton Nolan · 11/13/12 04:15PM

Fellas. Fellas? Fellas. I know how it is out there on the "battlefield of love" in this modern world, so to speak: the rules have changed. It's hard to keep up with what's "politically correct" these days in the wild and wooly dating arena. Can you compliment a coworker? On her outfit? Or her eyes? Or her ass? Can you touch her ass while doing so? How about her tits? Is she allowed to drive? To vote? What are the "rules?" You'd need a spreadsheet to keep it all straight. Fear not, homeboys (slang for "friends"): here are the new rules of flirting.

How to Talk to Real Live Women

Hamilton Nolan · 01/06/12 01:06PM

We know how it is. You were raised completely by the internet, your entire personality is an online creation, and though you're suave on IM, the prospect of chatting up a girl in person is a strange and terrifying prospect. Some of you have been reduced to paying hundreds of dollars to professional wingpersons to help you approach women in public. Fret not, lovelorn computer aliens. Help is here.

Glenn Beck To Rick Santorum: 'I Could Kiss You In The Mouth'

Seth Abramovitch · 06/23/11 08:53PM

What should have been just another interminable conversation between two mind-boggling A-holes took an intriguing turn down Rainbow Alley last night, when Fox News host (and self-loathing Gleek) Glenn Beck accidentally blurted out, "I could kiss you in the mouth" to Rick Santorum on Thursday's show. (It was in response to Santorum saying that he'd signed the "Cut, Cap and Balance" pledge, which is apparently the fiscal conservative equivalent of announcing, "I just scored a pair of Lady Gaga floor seats!")

American Women Suck at Flirting

Brian Moylan · 11/10/10 03:09PM

An Internet dating site did a study about which country's women initiate contact with men—flirt, in other words—most often. The U.S. came in second to last. Where should you go if you want a saucy girl? Spain!

How to Flirt

nightintern · 06/21/10 10:00AM

This guide is perfect for one who is unsure about flirting. Even if you are the local strumpet, it still offers some good pointers on perfecting your game.

Can Simon Cowell and Ryan Seacrest Just Bang Already?

Mike Byhoff · 03/17/10 01:26PM

Ryan Seacrest got all up in Simon Cowell's grill last night on Idol. It all seemed a bit theatrical and forced, but it just reeked of sexual tension. Why? Because Ryan Seacrest wants to make sweet love to Simon Cowell.

Let's Do the Two-Step Monogamy Shuffle Again!

Doree Shafrir · 01/07/10 12:47PM

Maybe it was after seeing Up In the Air and An Education, both of which—SPOILER ALERT!—have the same reveal: one of the main characters is, oops, married—but a related phenomenon has been bothering me lately.

Tiger Woods Shows Why Text Message Flirting Sucks

Adrian Chen · 12/09/09 09:10PM

Even as we text more with each passing month, we find ourselves wondering why exchanging sentence-long, misspelled emails has become the preferred mode of flirting for anyone under 40. Texting sucks for flirting; the Tiger Woods-Jamiee Grubbs messages prove it.