Sale of Spooky Flip-Flops Leads to Protest, Arrest Warrants

Lauri Apple · 09/04/11 02:40PM

The owner of a Beirut bargain store closed up shop earlier than usual on Friday after a crowd began protesting his sale of some cheap-ass flip-flops featuring this Halloweenish design: a bat-haunted graveyard dotted with cross-shaped tombstones. The crosses made the shoes offensive to Christians, the protesters said.

It's Official: Flip-Flops Are Evil

Brian Moylan · 04/06/11 12:40PM

Personally, I think everyone's favorite warm-weather and beach footwear, the flip-flop, is disgusting. Not only is there now someone to back up my claim with medical evidence, but it appears that the rubbery soles are horrible for your body as well.

The Rules for Wearing Flip-Flops

Brian Moylan · 01/05/11 03:31PM

Everyone is in a tizzy because Barack Obama dared to wear flip-flops while on vacation. Really? Just so there's never confusion on this matter again, we're going to break down the rules for when it's appropriate to wear them.

Sarah Palin on Sarah Palin's Climate Change Flip-Flop

Ravi Somaiya · 12/18/09 07:44AM

That Palin is a character. First she was totally for responding to climate change, for political expediency. Now she's totally against it, for political expediency. Textbook flip-flop? Of course not! Here's what Palin said about it on Facebook.

Bee Shaffer Will Do What She Pleases

cityfile · 08/11/09 07:07PM

Bee Shaffer says she has no plans to follow in mom Anna Wintour's footsteps. "I really don't want to work in fashion. It's just not for me. I respect her, obviously, but it's just a really weird industry." She concludes by saying that people who think fashion is life are lame and she'd much rather become a lawyer, thank you very much. [Fox News]
• Charlize Theron appears on the cover of Vogue's September issue. It also touts the fact it's 584 pages, though that's down last year's 798 pages. [Cut]
• Be careful if you spend your days walking around in flip-flops. If you're not, you could pick up a deadly germ and if you happen to cut your foot, the germ will enter your bloodstream and kill you. Enjoy the rest of summer. [NYDN]

The Perfect Circle of Pseudotrends

Hamilton Nolan · 05/14/09 02:29PM

What happens to the delicate fabric of spacetime when stories in the same Thursday New York Times Style Section flow logically into one another in a perpetual, unceasing circle? We're about to find out:

"Our customers wanted more flip-flop luxury"

Hamilton Nolan · 05/05/08 12:17PM

See these flip-flops? They're not just any flip-flops. They're high fashion, "Married to the Mob" flip-flops, and they cost $42. Can you spot the reason why this is stupid? That's right: you pay ten times what you would pay for a plain pair of flip-flops, in order to have a brand name which is covered by your foot when you are wearing them. I imagine fashion snobs must just hang these flip-flops jauntily over their shoulder instead of slipping them on their feet, so that the logo can shine freely. In fact, the entire idea of paying extra for name-brand flip-flops is a bit ridiculous. But the price tag can get much, much worse than $42. Allow us introduce you to PechePlatinum—the "World's Most Expensive Flip-Flops."