Chris Noth Flashes His Mr. Big Balls

Remy Stern · 04/13/11 01:17PM

At last week's Dressed to Kilt fashion show in Manhattan, Chris Noth flashed his rear, revealing more than intended, and someone's camera flashed at the right moment. Smile, baby! [Fleshbot (NSFW)]

Lady Gaga's Prison GF Says Kissing Her Was 'Electric'

Doree Shafrir · 03/19/10 10:17AM

Heather Cassils is the awesome-looking woman who plays Lady Gaga's prison girlfriend in the "Telephone" video. But she's also a well-known artist in her own right. And she loved making out with Gaga.

The New York Times Discovers Penis Pumps

Foster Kamer · 08/29/09 04:30PM

While America's medical debates rage on, many of its significant members, of all colors and sizes, limply, quietly weep to themselves: penises. But! This is one health care package making serious progress: flaccid penises demand innovation, as the Times discovered.

'Citizen Journalism' = Porn

Hamilton Nolan · 10/01/08 01:43PM

Dadgummit, porn ruins corporate strategy! CBS is learning the hard way that if you give people a "branded mobile platform" to "upload" their "user-generated content," the "content" they will "generate" is "nekkid womens." The Tiffany Network started a site called CBSeyemobile.com where you, the idiotic consumer, can upload photos. And now they're shocked, shocked to find out that it's full of filth, loose women, and inappropriate public demonstrations of lesbianism! Ad Age broke the story in a Pulitzer-worthy feat of journalism, causing them to (modestly) publish this rather NSFW picture, which we are prepared to say is the most newsworthy photo that has ever graced that august publication's pages:

Look Backstage For Burlesque Club's Real Scandal

Sheila · 09/10/08 12:06PM

The Box is one of the most interesting and decadent spectacles in downtown nightlife. Owned by Simon Hammerstein, descendant of the theater scion, the jewel-box theater hosts a variety of unique and sexually-charged acts nightly. Open since 2006, it's still a pretty hot ticket—"If you're good enough to make it in, you'll make it in," Box partner Cordell Lochin told the Observer. They're able to charge over a grand for a table on certain nights. But trouble is brewing, and we're not talking about two-bit drug raids or carping scenesters. It looks like the club's sexiness has gone to one owner's head:

Even porn execs have bitter domain-name battles

Melissa Gira Grant · 07/28/08 02:20PM

The Fed love a good porn investigation. Allegedly, John Gray, CEO of the strip-club-industrial complex Spearmint Rhino, has been illegally taking control of domains owned by his former business partner, Michael Ninn, best known for the kind of arty, high-gloss hardcore films that almost take themselves too seriously to be porn. The FBI is rumored to be investigating. On the one hand, it's good that the naked-lady biz has its corporate-level disputes treated fairlly by the cops. On the less-lubed hand? The tipster alerting us to this case offers a better remedy: Perhaps Mr. Gray could focus on his actual naked-lady biz and drop the overpriced drinks and cover charges. (Photo via AVN)

Glory Of The Games: 25 Olympic Hotties

Ryan Tate · 07/16/08 10:59AM

Everyone's nervous about the Olympics this year. The Chinese government's politicization of the ceremonies reminded sponsors and spectators alike of its human rights record, particularly in Tibet. Broadcasters are pushing back against restrictions on TV reporting. Athletes are concerned about air quality. In short, the Olympics are the same politicized mess they've always been, and more commercial than ever. How to keep everyone focused on the athletic action? Easy, just keep the cameras pointed at the lithe young hardbodies that flock to this competition every four years. And if that seems like a lecherous degradation of a noble event, remember this: the Olympians themselves are notoriously bad at keeping their hands off one another once they get eliminated from competition. Remind yourself by browsing this photo gallery of hot Olympic athletes past and present, curated by intern Nicola Gherson.

50 TV Reporters Give You Their Best 'O Face'

Richard Blakeley · 06/10/08 11:00AM

Click to viewEver wonder what some of your favorite television news reporters look like during sex? Gawker video guys Richard Blakeley and Nick McGlynn, along with their army of interns, have collected still frames of fifty reporters, anchors, and other TV folks giving their best "O faces." The expressions imply everything from long and luxurious moans to awkward and embarrassing early finishes. Find all 50 after the jump. The dirtier your mind, the more you'll enjoy them.

There Is No Nighttime Sex Act That Escapes The All-B.J.-Seeing 'Big Brother' Eye

Seth Abramovitch · 02/15/08 02:46PM

With the fumigation circus tent removed from the Big Brother house on the Radford lot, every stubborn germ, virus, and parasite from the last batch of contestants effectively snuffed, we're now ready for another round of the hit CBS reality series. And while there was certainly nothing broke with the show's last incarnation—who doesn't love watching 16 off-duty bartenders stand around a kitchen island sharing Jew-spotting tips?—they've tweaked Season 9 considerably. Big Brother: 'Til Death Do You Part pits eight teams of two against one another: all couples. And by that we mean, sex-having couples.

American Apparel In France Has Even More Boobs Than They Do Here

Joshua Stein · 12/03/07 04:20PM

France, home of both Marquis de Sade and Hélène Cixous, is now home to American Apparel ads that would make even the most debauched American libertine blush. (Or not. Whatever.) The girl in the picture, says the ad, is a young actress they met on the streets of Paris. Oh yeah? Was she walking on the streets? Is she a street walker? In either case, what is beyond the jump is Not Safe For Work.

How To Meet A Prostitute, Part Two

Joshua Stein · 10/18/07 05:05PM

After your negotiations and your cab ride to the corner of 63rd and 2nd, you'll notice that the apartment building in which you'll apparently be having sex with a prostitute is also the home to a noted modern dance center. Perhaps you'll wonder if indeed the lady in question could be a part-time student at the school! That will turn out not to be the case. Through the window, the doorman might peer at you queerly. He's totally is in on what is going on. You'll call the number you were given and you will be told an apartment number. When you pass by, the doorman will be listening to death metal on an iPod mini.

How To Meet A Prostitute

Joshua Stein · 10/17/07 05:05PM

Whenever two adults in New York exchange sex for money, each commits a Class B misdemeanor. So one might think it would be difficult to procure a sex worker. It takes about three minutes. The website of one local spot is your basic HTML slapdash job. It says that "they" would like to be with you very much and uses lots of exclamation points. There's a gallery of women, young and mostly blond and carelessly dressed. Most of the women look like they could be in The Bangles, a bit more on the side of Debbi Peterson than Susanna Hoffs.

AdBrite's new porn-ad network to launch next month?

Owen Thomas · 08/21/07 04:14PM

AdBrite is rebounding fast from the loss of its porn-ads partnership with AVN, the prominent publisher of news and information about the adult-film industry. While AVN appears to have taken back control of AVNAds.com, a website previously operated by AdBrite to market a network of independent porn sites to advertisers and publishers, AdBrite is moving ahead with plans for its own network, BlackLabelAds.com. According to publishers briefed by AdBrite, the new network, although it currently points to AVNAds.com, is scheduled to launch on September 1.