Jenny Slate Sings "Landslide" as Marcel the Shell With Shoes On

Jay Hathaway · 12/18/14 11:05AM

Jenny Slate is so into her Marcel the Shell character that she's started slipping into his tiny little voice during her everyday life, and occasionally sings cover songs as Marcel just for shiggles. On Conan last night, she busted out a particularly good one: Fleetwood Mac's "Landslide."

Glee: Rumours Has It

Brian Moylan · 05/04/11 12:40PM

Last night the confusing plot lines on Glee came to a head when all the singing youngsters dusted off their cool aunt Karen's copy of a Fleetwood Mac album, stayed up all night doing blow, and screamed at each other. Well, not quite, but it was just as fun to watch.

Everything That's In Page Six Today And Where It Came From

Emily Gould · 07/25/07 02:20PM

Once in a while, every single item in Page Six except for the really obscure and favor-paybacky ones has either been reported elsewhere or is also simultaneously being reported everywhere. Today was one of those times, as this video, which was painstakingly spliced together by our fella Alex Goldberg, attests.