Bride Sues Hotel After "Depraved" Guest Ruins Wedding With His Balls

Allie Jones · 07/03/14 01:35PM

A Charleston, S.C. bride is suing the local Doubletree hotel because her wedding was ruined by "a depraved man who stood above the ceremony flashing his genitalia." Samuel James Dengal, the alleged flasher, is not named as a defendant in the suit.

Subway Rider Offers To Help Man Put Penis Back Into Pants

Foster Kamer · 07/05/09 06:00PM

The subway does the strangest thing to people. For example, sometimes, the penises of men will escape their pants! This is a strange phenomenon that's only well-documented in retrospect. Until now. Uncensored flasher action, after the jump.

Remainders: Protecting the Hamptons Share Crowd

Jessica · 06/20/06 06:15PM

• New York's Homeland Security budget may have been tightened, but that's no problem for the Hampton Jitney — they've been given $83K to keep the summer share crew safe, protected in their alcoholic bubble. Honestly, in a time of terror, aren't these the fools we'd want to go first? [Room Eight]
• According to the octagenarians at Reader's Digest, New York is the most courteous city in the world. Except for when it's raining and you need a cab. [RD via Bent Post]
• Jodie Foster will tow your car. Or maybe her girlfriend will. Either way. [The Reeler]
• Blogs aren't catching on in Britain, proving that the English are just as smart as they sound. [Guardian]
• Beware the dangers of sunbathing on Murray Hill rooftops: the area is a hotbed of Syracuse alums looking to show you their mansticks. [The Daily Sally]
• David Cross reads blogs, accepts and ratifies David's Law. [Lindsayism]
• We may not be able to give the troops armor, but if we could just send a few Kenneth Cole boots, Iraq would be a safer place. [Copyranter]