45 Years Ago, JFK Left Us

Alex Carnevale · 11/22/08 04:15PM

Today is the 45th anniversary of John F. Kennedy's assassination, the subject of a new novel and unending, inconclusive debate. We may never know the real answer about what happened that day in Dallas, although the coming years will see more and more declassified documents released to the public, finishing with Jackie O's oral history about JFK that enters the public domain in 2044 if all her children have passed on. The photos and footage of that day tells a grave story that eclipses mere words. Click for images that will still move you 45 years after the fact:

Remember when we were all laid off? Oh, right, you're 25

Owen Thomas · 10/28/08 05:00PM

Listen up, younguns: Here's how this recession is going to go. You're going to get laid off. You're going to find a new job right away, and convince yourself things aren't that bad. Then you're going to get laid off from that job, too. And all your friends are going to get laid off, too, and move out of California. It's time to revisit Odd Todd, the 2001-era dotcom layoff victim who chronicled his unemployment online. The downside: "You can't buy any ice cream, because you have no money, and you can't go shopping, because you have no money." The upside: "It beats frickin' working." Go watch it, and laugh now, before it stops being funny.

Flashback! Lots Of People Have Failed Len Downie

Choire · 12/20/07 06:05PM

Former Washington Post contract stringer and current Boston University journalism professor Chris Daly isn't the first former staffer to be trashed by WaPo executive editor Len Downie. (Downie suggested Daly was bitter at a current WaPo staffer because Daly had failed to earn a similar role for himself.) But hey, Downie said much the same about New Yorker staffer Jeffrey Goldberg in a 2005 dust-up over diversity hiring! "I'm sorry that someone who long ago failed to make the grade here would attack our diversity efforts," Downie wrote then. Sheesh, dude!