The US Air Force Staged a Beautiful Flash Mob at a Museum

Gabrielle Bluestone · 12/08/13 07:37PM

Normally flash mobs are pretty annoying for anyone who's not involved in them. But the United States Air Force Band became the exception to the rule with a pretty sweet impromptu concert at the National Air and Space Museum on Tuesday.

Louisiana Mall Evacuated After 200 Person Flash Mob Goes Wrong, Turns Into Giant Brawl

Taylor Berman · 01/06/13 04:36PM

The Mall of Louisiana is described on its website as a source of "Exciting shopping, dining and entertainment in Baton Rouge." On Saturday night, that description seemed especially apt after a massive, 200 person flash mob in the mall turned into a giant brawl. According to reports, the fight broke out in the mall's food court, where roughly 200 teenagers had congregated for the "social media" inspired flash mob

Teen 'Flash Robs' Are Our Nation's Greatest Threat

Hamilton Nolan · 10/21/11 08:43AM

Old-fashioned "meet me in Union Square and do the Thriller dance"-style flash mobs have been played out for years, although the more recent "big group of teens running around beating everyone's ass, just like they've always done, but with a new, trendier name"-style "flash mobs" are still going strong. And now, in a completely new and never-before-seen phenomenon: "Flash robs!" We must use any and all methods to crush this brand new and super scary outbreak of stealing things!

Watch This 'Flash Mob' Loot a 7-11

Jeff Neumann · 08/16/11 06:50AM

Around three dozen young people got together on Saturday night in Germantown, Maryland and decided to casually walk into a 7-11 and loot the hell out of it. Local news reports are calling it a "flash mob" — a blanket term that's readily applied to any act of assholery by a group of teenagers in public — when really it's just shoplifting en masse. You can watch the other two parts of the video here and here. Personally, I like the guy who grabs the hat on his way out.

Half-Naked Male Stripper Works the Pole on the Subway

Brian Moylan · 05/26/11 01:03PM

Strange things happen on the L train, like this spontaneous, flashmob-esque dance party, complete with a male stripper wearing nothing but a bathing suit and a pair of heels. Good thing he has the body (and skillz) to pull it off.

Halftime Show Turns Into a Flash Mob Pillow Fight

Lisa Gagliardi · 03/03/11 02:15PM

Students at a college basketball game took to the floor in a mass pillow fight during halftime. Why? Because they're crazy college kids. Looks like some of the participants got a little overzealous though.

The NYPD's Party Crashing Unit

Jeff Neumann · 08/04/10 06:29AM

South Queens has been the scene of several rowdy, and sometimes deadly, house parties over the last year. So the NYPD has formed a special unit to crash them before they get out of hand. NYPD: Party Crashing Unit.

The Times Square Flash Mob, On Twitter

Jeff Neumann · 04/07/10 05:13AM

Oh, the kids these days. They're constantly sexting each other and they just won't get off the Facebook. And now they start violent flash mobs with bb guns and brag about it on the Twitter. Meet Bad Boy Butta.

Pellet Gun-Wielding Flash Mob Descends on Times Square

Jeff Neumann · 04/05/10 05:11AM

Rampaging "gangbangers," apparently inspired by the New York International Auto Show, wreaked havoc on businesses, bystanders, and each other yesterday during "Gang Initiation Day." A newsstand employee summed it up: "There's a lot of crazy people over here." [NYP]

Meet Your New Inner-city Teen Menace

Adrian Chen · 03/29/10 08:26PM

We were alerted to the existence of so-called 'party crews' by a breakdancing enthusiast who wanted to shoot down speculation that his people started the Philadelphia flash mobs. He said they were "party crews." What are these "party crews"?

Flash Mobs Wrack Philadelphia Like It's 2003

Adrian Chen · 03/22/10 03:18AM

Let us speak no more of health care and its reform. Let us speak instead of flash mobs, that giddy turn-of-the-century creation which seems to be experience a terrifying renaissance in Philadelphia.

2009: The Year the Flash Mob Became Played Out

Richard Blakeley · 11/25/09 11:45AM

Okay, we get it already. Anyone can get a large group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual action for a brief time, then quickly disperse.

10 videos from the Facebook-organized "cocktail party" on London's tube

Nicholas Carlson · 06/02/08 11:00AM

A ban on drinking in London's subway system — the Tube, they call it — began on Sunday. On Saturday night, London's best drinkers gathered for a Circle Line Cocktail Party, also known as the Last Round on the Underground. Thousands attended, 17 were arrested, two police officers were assaulted and Mark Zuckerberg made it all happen. Reports say word of the the citywide cocktail party spread only after 26-year old London banker Alexandre Graham created a Facebook group called "Circle line party - last day of drinking on the Tube." Soon after, several other Facebook groups formed with plans to party as well. "The point of it was just to make fun of how ridiculous the ban is," Graham told the Evening Standard. "I hope I don’t get sacked," he added. (That's British for "fired.") Below, ten YouTube videos of "the Last Round On The Underground." Graham's employers at the Royal Bank of Scotland, will want to examine them closely before determining his fate.

Remainders: Thrillist Is Also Looking for a Copy Editor

abalk2 · 09/26/06 05:50PM

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