Snow Has Obliterated New York Fashion Week: Host Fashion Week Inside Your Apartment Instead

Caity Weaver · 02/09/13 01:00PM

Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, the biannual fashion colloquium in which Maxxinistas from all over the globe gather in New York to learn which fashions are legal to wear, was thrown into chaos last night, as a storm with no name bore down on the city. With London Fashion Week scheduled to begin February 15, an event-wide postponement was off the table. It was either catwalk through the blizzard or enter grimly into a Year Without Style.

Show Us Your Craziest Pictures From Flake-Quake

Robert Kessler · 02/09/13 11:30AM

Snope. Snow kidding. There's a storm out there. But if a thousand feet of snow falls on the Northeast and you're not there to pick the right Instagram filter, did it really fall at all?

How to Make a Snow Cone

Caity Weaver · 02/08/13 01:56PM

As the Northeast braces for the storm of the century of the week, her citizens have turned into a population of old tabby house cats, arranging their nests as they prepare to die. In their desperate need to shop for anything, people have even cleared out the bad ice cream flavors from the grocery store shelves.

Snow Panic Has Driven Weather.com Completely Insane

Caity Weaver · 02/08/13 10:11AM

You know how sometimes the best way to deal with a ranting, screaming maniac is just to leave him alone until he exhausts himself? It's time for us to do that with Weather.com.

NYC Will Get Either 3 or 30 Inches of Snow This Weekend

Caity Weaver · 02/06/13 02:22PM

Have you made plans for this weekend that include traveling outside of your house for even the briefest moment? Cancel them! Or maybe make more of them? The Northeast is about to get walloped or tenderly caressed with either a couple inches or a couple feet of snow.