Hamilton Nolan · 07/14/15 10:40AM

PETA says that an activist who participated in the group’s protests against mammal prison Sea World for years was actually a Sea World employee sent to infiltrate them. “Grab your pitch forks and torches. Time to take down SeaWorld,” the whale-torturing corporate whore wrote on Facebook at one point.

Here's How Sprite Tries to Buy Off Reporters With Free Tickets

Hamilton Nolan · 02/03/15 12:20PM

Here is an email illustrating how brands (Sprite, in this case) pay off reporters and bloggers with free stuff as a direct quid pro quo for coverage. There's also some info about a TOP SECRET Drake and Nas concert we would like to share.

Hamilton Nolan · 11/26/14 01:08PM

The oil company TransCanada has announced that it's dropping Edelman as its PR firm after documents leaked in which Edelman advised the company to attack opponents of its oil pipeline plans.

Do PR People Deserve Our Sympathy?

Hamilton Nolan · 06/12/14 10:05AM

We often make it a point to mock the very worst public relations people and pitches that we see, on the principle that mocking PR is an honorable and useful activity. But are we all being too hard on the poor PR peons themselves?

Hamilton Nolan · 06/11/14 08:28AM

Eleven major PR firms have signed a pledge not to surreptitiously edit their clients' Wikipedia pages. Countless lesser PR firms have promised no such thing.

Hamilton Nolan · 02/24/14 09:19AM

Pinpointing the exact moment when a press release fails: "[Name], In case you're pulling together a list of the top quick-service fish sandwiches," (failure occurs).

PR Dummies: "What You Eat Defines Who You Will Date"

Hamilton Nolan · 09/17/13 01:25PM

The first rule of public relations: when sending out a press release, make sure it is racially offensive, full of misspellings and grammatical errors, and— most importantly— strategic.

ABC News Picks PR Man to Take Over Ted Koppel's Chair [UPDATED]

Hamilton Nolan · 06/20/13 10:11AM

For a quarter of a century, newsman Ted Koppel lent an air of gravitas to ABC News' Nightline. And now, years after Koppel's retirement, the network has finally found the right person to replace this icon of journalism: a guy who owns a PR firm.