Beyonce's Sister Takes on Interviewer, Fails

ian spiegelman · 08/31/08 03:12PM

Beyonce Knowles' sister, singer Solange Knowles, went on a local Fox affiliate the other day to promote her album-only after her publicist made it clear that the young diva was NOT to be questioned about her brother-in-law Jay-Z or the failure of his 40/40 Club in Las Vegas. And since it was a harmless fluff piece to fill airtime, the interviewer agreed and didn't mention a thing about it. Sadly, Solange apparently heard some studio chatter while she was being introduced, mistakenly assumed that it was being broadcast, and proceeded to pick a fight. The embarrassing footage ensues.

One More Thing: People Losing Their Shit in Movies and TV

ian spiegelman · 08/03/08 07:05PM

Perhaps the greatest thing in drama and comedy is that moment when a character totally unloads verbally in the worst possible way. Freak-outs, hissy-fits, last-nerve explosions... Nothing is more entertaining. And, in a freaky way, nothing is more nurturing. So let us share our favorites, shall we? I'll get us started with one everyone loves.