Ken Layne · 12/06/13 05:05PM

Did you know those tasty little Northern Shrimp can live for five years? That's kindergarten age! Anyway, you'll be eating a lot less Maine shrimp next year, because the fishery collapsed due to warming oceans. No more Maine shrimp.

Texas Debates Harsh Catfish 'Noodling' Law

Jeff Neumann · 05/16/11 05:24AM

Did you know that it's a crime to "noodle" a catfish in Texas? Oh, you don't know about noodlin'? Also called "hogging" or "grabbing," it's when you reach your hand into an underwater hole, jam your fist into a catfish's throat, pull the sombitch out of the water and then do whatever it is you do after catching a fish with your bare hands. The crime is currently a misdemeanor in Texas, and could come with as much as a $500 fine. But that could soon change.

Watch Bristol and Sarah Palin Beat Halibut to Death

Matt Cherette · 11/21/10 11:29PM

On tonight's episode of Sarah Palin's Alaska, she and daughter Bristol went commercial halibut fishing. During their trip, both ladies got the chance to kill their very own fish with a club—how cute! Watch the (graphic) video inside.

And Now, a Demonstration of How To Catch Fish With Your Penis

Annie Fleming · 09/20/10 02:23PM

In this video occasional nature documentarian Gavin McInness shows you how to catch a fish using nothing but a human worm. Sounds simple enough, but the real trick is in properly unhooking the fish after capture. Instructions below:

Coming Soon, Maybe: Genetically Engineered Frankenfish

Jeff Neumann · 06/26/10 11:51AM

The FDA is "seriously considering" approval for a new genetically engineered salmon that grows at twice the normal rate. Yes, AquAdvantage® Fish will revolutionize the way American's eat sketchy, lab grown food. Also being developed: Pigs that shit less-toxic shit.

Fishing Fail

nightintern · 05/27/10 01:30PM

What's better than fishing in the great outdoors? Watching this guy fish/fail instead.