Ben Silverman, NBC's Boy King, Freestyles Topless in Aspen's Swanky Locker Rooms

The Cajun Boy · 05/13/09 08:36PM

According to Nikki Finke, this "performance" was recorded in 2008 at the Aspen Youth Experience Celeb Ski (Wasn't this part of Dumb and Dumber's plot line?). The video was taken by Rob Morrow and features the harmonica skills of Fisher Stevens, both veterans of this event, which prompts one to wonder...What the hell did Ben Silverman do to piss off Rob Morrow and/or Fisher Stevens to compel one, or both of them, to release this video?

Madonna's New Fling Has Neither Strings Nor A-Rod

Ryan Tate · 12/22/08 08:11AM

Be not ashamed! Madonna gleefully hooked up with Jesus in Brazil; Bruce Springsteen doesn't apologize for buying luxury goods and Mary-Kate Olsen is downright excited by the financial panic.

Chad Lowe's Aspen Adventures Anticipated By 1995 Falcon Media Release

seth · 03/12/07 05:04PM

Stunningly, The Other Side of Aspen IV: The Rescue—the seminal male-bonding adventure story and thematic predecessor to reigning Hollywood blockbuster 300—was released way back in 1995, anticipating by over a decade the eerily parallel series of perilous events that would befall several popular actors at the same snowbound locale. Interest in the discontinued title has understandably skyrocketed since word has spread about their rescue by Aspen Ski Patrol's hunky, ripped finest, and so we anticipate it won't be long before a commemorative edition soon hits your local Circus of Books shelves, with newly rechristened stars Chad Blowe, Gusher Stevens, and Rod Burrow.

Quick-Acting Aspen Ski Patrol Minimizes Celebrity Tragedy

mark · 03/12/07 02:31PM

Above, actors Fisher Stevens (left) and Rob Morrow (right) share a relieved laugh following their rescue by the Aspen Ski Patrol, who safely led the stranded celebrity skiers on a three-hour trip down the unfamiliar mountain after receiving their cell phone distress call. Tragically, the idea to phone the patrol came only after the panicked stars determined that they might be lost for days in the blinding storm that caused them to stray from an approved path, and, after a tense deliberation about the relative health of their careers, decided that the only way they could stay alive long enough to be discovered was to devour the least successful, third member of their party, Chad Lowe, whose picked-over remains were buried under a beautiful tree abutting a spectacular black diamond run by his remorseful, surviving compatriots.