Fireworks Factory Catches Fire, Explodes, Knocks Guy on Ass

Jay Hathaway · 01/06/15 05:40PM

"One person sustained minor injuries and several roads were closed" in Granada, Colombia, the BBC reports, which is the BBC's way of saying "Holy fucking shit, a fireworks factory caught fire, setting off hundreds of fireworks at once in an explosion that knocked this local TV cameraman on his ass."

Holy Shit, All the Fireworks Went Off at Once

Jay Hathaway · 11/14/14 01:15PM

This video, shot earlier this year in Italy and uploaded today by a pyrotechnics enthusiast, shows what happens when an entire fireworks display accidentally goes up at once. To sum up: Holy shit. You'll want to turn the volume down a little bit for this one.

Sarah Hedgecock · 04/15/14 10:48AM

North Korean children sit on the shoulders of their parents at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang to watch fireworks over Juche Tower to celebrate the official birthday of the late leader on Tuesday. Image via David Guttenfelder/AP.

Sarah Hedgecock · 03/19/14 03:25PM

[An Iranian man plays with a firework in Tehran, Iran, on Tuesday, for Chaharshanbe Souri, an ancient Festival of Fire. On the eve of the last Wednesday of the Persian year, Iranians jump over burning bonfires and throw firecrackers to celebrate arrival of the spring. Image via Vahid Salemi)/AP.]

Bullet-Time Fireworks are Dramatic and Astounding

Maggie Lange · 07/05/13 12:15PM

Look at this spectacular video of fireworks, sparklers, and contained explosives in all their slow-motion, fiery, explosive glory. Although, I harbor a seasonal pet peeve about setting off fireworks and sparklers during the daytime, this is really fantastic looking.

2012 All Over the World

Matt Toder · 01/02/12 05:37PM

Every country rings in the new year in their own special way, but mostly they all involve fireworks and cheering. Here is a collection of midnight in a handful of cities around the globe.

6,000 Guy Fawkes Night Fireworks Go Off At Once

Seth Abramovitch · 11/06/11 09:18PM

Observers who'd gathered for a Guy Fawkes Night fireworks presentation in Oban, Scotland, were treated to the most spectacular, if brief, fireworks display of their lives: 6,000 fireworks — enough for a 20-minute show — had detonated in under one minute, the result of an electronic timing fault.

Drunk Fireworks Protest Foiled Before It Can Cause Banking Reform

Hamilton Nolan · 08/23/11 08:36AM

Sure, we've all had the overwhelming urge, at times, to fill up our Jeep Cherokee with fireworks, drive to Washington, DC, and detonate those fireworks on the National Mall, in order to call for banking reform. How else will those fat cat politicians and banking regulators ever "get the message?" The important thing to remember, however, when you get drunk and put your Fireworks Banking Protest plan into action, is to keep it secret until the last possible second.