Andrea Peyser Is Gay for Sexxxy Firemen But not Sexxxy Fire Ladies

Hamilton Nolan · 02/25/10 10:35AM

You might suspect that Andrea Peyser, the New York Post's hardcore pornography critic, would be totally gay for hot sexxxy "Fire women," kicking in doors of burning buildings in their blazing hot fire gear, with sweat pouring off their chiseled abdominal muscles, covered only by a sheer layer of fire retardant gel. But no—"if I were to be caught in a fire, I'd feel a lot safer in the arms of a 6-foot man than those of a 5-foot girl." This is the topic of Andrea Peyser's popular newspaper column today, which is illustrated with a photo of a typical fire lady in typical fire gear, a sports bra. [NYP]

Pareene · 11/21/07 03:10PM

John Orlando, the only real-life firefighter who likes Rudy Giuliani, mysteriously got paid by Rudy's campaign for "political strategy consulting" three months after he alone praised America's Mayor in a Times article about how all the firefighters hate Rudy. We are thankful for Rudy's spokesman's response to HuffPo's investigation: "Are you suggesting that firefighters aren't capable of political strategy?" [HuffPo]