Why So Many People Bought Guns on Black Friday

Lauri Apple · 12/04/11 01:41PM

According to America's official gun-counting officials, prospective gun buyers registered 129,166 background check requests on Black Friday 2011—more than on any other Black Friday in American history, and a 32 percent increase from the last all-time high. What provoked all these gun sales?

Cowboy Won't Teach Gun Safety to Muslims Because They All Want to Kill Him

Lauri Apple · 10/28/11 07:48AM

Texas-based country store owner and cardboard cutout Crockett Keller teaches concealed handgun safety classes to make a few extra bucks, which he spends on boots and hats and spurs and guns at his local CowboyMart. Like every discriminating businessman, he enforces some standards, which he thoughtfully informed the world about in a recent radio ad.

Hot New Trend Alert: Guns in Bars

Max Read · 10/03/10 11:38PM

Are you familiar with the patriotic new trend of carrying your favorite gun to your local bar? Four states now have laws that explicitly allow people to carry loaded firearms in establishments that serve alcohol. Can you guess which ones?