Teen Sets Self On Fire for Dumb YouTube "Fire Challenge"

Megan Reynolds · 07/30/14 08:10PM

A teenager in Kentucky was hospitalized and treated for burns after participating in a "fire challenge," a teen craze sweeping the nation in which you pour alcohol on yourself and light it on fire. WKYT reports that the teen, who did not reveal his name to press, simply "poured alcohol on it, and lit it, and it automatically went and burst."

Watch a Gripping, Last-Second Rescue by the Houston Fire Department

Taylor Berman · 03/26/14 07:22AM

Yesterday, a giant, still under-construction apartment complex in Houston caught on fire. The flames spread quickly, and one unlucky construction worker found himself trapped on a balcony off the building's top floor. A worker at a neighboring office captured his daring escape—he was forced to leap from one floor's balcony to another to escape the heat—before firefighters finally arrived.

Florida Man Set on Fire by His Dog

Adam Weinstein · 02/12/14 03:33PM

We natives of Broward County, Florida, are really good at two things: shopping, and screwing up voting. Oh, and also setting our dogs on fire, then letting the flaming dogs set our spouses on fire, then dumping our flaming dogs in swimming pools and getting on the news.

As California Burns, Hot Dry Weather Predicted For Entirety of "Winter"

Ken Layne · 01/16/14 03:02PM

Here's some terrible news to mark the beginning of permanent fire season in California: It's going to stay like this, hot and dry, until May. The Climate Prediction Center says winter will come and go without the usual winter storms that provide the snowpack that provides all the water people use. Fire conditions will be awful until summer, when they will continue being awful until next winter, if winter ever shows up again.

Mmm, What a Nice Warm Fire

Hamilton Nolan · 01/03/14 11:51AM

The thermometer says it's 15 degrees outside right now. Wind chill of -2. Even inside, I can hardly feel my toes. But you know what I can feel? This nice, warm, crackling fire. Feel that? Mmm. Yes. Hot. I could close my eyes and die of frostbite in its warmth, right now.