Too High To Be Gay On Fire Island

Rich Juzwiak · 07/24/12 03:00PM

I imagine that in the past, Fire Island provided a real sense of security for gay men (and women – they're there, just mostly confined to Cherry Grove, which neighbors the male-centric Pines section of the island). I can see the former necessity of a place where they could go and be their gay selves without worrying about persecution.

The Wreckage of Last Night's Fire Island Fire

Brian Moylan · 11/15/11 12:40PM

Starting at about 9:30pm yesterday, the main complex on the harbor in the Fire Island Pines, gay-list New York's summer getaway, caught on fire destroying the historic Pavilion nightclub, the bar Sip 'N' Twirl, the restaurant Pines Bistro, and the eateries and retail spaces below them. The whole complex will be demolished. Here are some scenes from the wreckage.

The A-List: Gay Housewives Bare It All

Brian Moylan · 11/02/10 11:55AM

For most of us, July 4th is just a steamy, fading memory. But the cast of Logo's The A-List must relive it again and again as they fight and fuss their way across Fire Island. Oh, what a scene.

The A-List: Gay Housewives Are Good in Bed

Brian Moylan · 10/19/10 11:51AM

Just like with troubled school children, the problems of gay housewives start at home. Not only are there design disasters and petty arguments, but secret boyfriends and lies about size. Let's peer into their scary world.

The King of Gay Paradise Abdicates His Throne

Brian Moylan · 01/20/10 12:00PM

Gossip is already flying about Fire Island, the getaway for New York's A-list gays. Long-time monopolizer Eric von Kuersteiner—who owns practically everything in the community—has sold all his properties to a mysterious 23-year-old gay kid.

Derek Lam Puts Down Roots in Fire Island

cityfile · 12/03/08 02:11PM

Things just get better and better for fashion designer Derek Lam. In July, Lam sold a majority stake in his label right before the market collapsed, he's now at work on his first freestanding store in SoHo, and he continues to earn praise as creative director of Tod's. Plus, he just got back to town after a blissful Thanksgiving weekend spent on the beach in Turks and Caicos, which means he's well-rested. And now he has a new weekend home, too. Lam and his longtime partner, Jan-Hendrik Schlottman, have paid $2.15 million for a three-bedroom, oceanfront home—with pool and hot tub, of course—on Ocean Walk in the Fire Island Pines.

To Catch a Public-Fornication Arrest

Sheila · 06/30/08 12:12PM

Media gadfly and sometimes Radar blogger Choire Sicha hung out at the Meat Rack in Fire Island this weekend, wearing short-shorts and pretending to read. Why? There have been recent arrests for public sex in the gay-cruising area, and he's ready to catch them in the act! (The act of arresting, that is.) Hey, did the"circle jerk for freedom" protesting the arrests ever take place?

Horny A-Gays Under Attack

Sheila · 06/24/08 11:14AM

Every summer, the gays of the culural elite (like John Waters, Atlantic Monthly's Andrew Sullivan, musician Rufus Wainwright) gather on the car-free Fire Island and Provincetown, Mass., to party and play. And yes, sometimes have sex outside, they way all creatures were meant to! Only in recent weeks, they've been getting arrested for that. (Awkward!) As Cherry Grove resident Choire Sicha writes for Radar, "[The Fire Island arrests] are the first known arrests for public sex on the federal land." (Some people think a "circle jerk for freedom" might help matters.) Meanwhile, in Provincetown, an effort to keep public sex under control via citations for "lewd acts" have shot way up, says the Cape Cod Times.

No Country For Old Men

Rod Townsend · 08/24/07 11:20AM

Rod Townsend records the gays in and around their natural environment of Fire Island and reports back. All dialogue 100% verbatim.