Bolt Bus Asks Passenger to Join Loyalty Program After Bus Explosion

Andy Cush · 05/14/15 04:04PM

As if the indignity of riding discount transportation to Boston wasn’t enough on its own, passengers of a Bolt Bus were forced to evacuate Monday evening as their chariot burst into flames. When one passenger emailed to complain about the incident, a representative asked her to join the company’s loyalty program so that she could receive “a couple of round trips” in exchange for her troubles.

Security Footage Shows Woman Torching Car After Being Denied Cigarette

Taylor Berman · 04/29/15 11:00AM

Yesterday, police arrested a woman who allegedly set a car on fire at a Jerusalem gas station after she was reportedly refused a cigarette. Security footage from the station shows the woman talking to a man pumping gas. After apparently asking him a question—several Israeli news outlets report she asked for a cigarette—she walks away, pauses, and walks back to set the man’s car ablaze.

Fire Size of City Block Incinerates Downtown Los Angeles Building

Aleksander Chan · 12/08/14 11:28AM

More than 200 firefighters were called to the scene of a seven-story apartment complex fire in downtown Los Angeles early this morning. The complex appears to have been leveled in the blaze, with two other buildings damaged and the 101 Freeway briefly closed off to traffic.

Suspected Juggalos Try to Cut Off Man's Tattoo, Then Set Him on Fire

Aleksander Chan · 08/05/14 05:58PM

Two men were arrested by police early Monday in Hebron, Md. for allegedly attacking their roommate during a heated argument. Paul Martin Hurst, 33, and Cary Lee Edwards, 35, apparently attempted to cut their roommate's tattoo off his arm—when they failed, they set him on fire. The Wicomico County Sheriff's Office believes there to be a "strong possibility" that the three are Juggalos.