'Hipster IHOP' Hires Bouncer to Defend Itself from Drunken Youths

Richard Lawson · 09/21/11 02:34PM

A new IHOP pancake depot is soon to open in Manhattan's East Village, the downtown epicenter of NYU kids and other tight-jeaned menaces. Management is expecting such a deluge of late-night customers streaming in from the bar-heavy neighborhood that they've hired security.

Facebook CEO's Gross Out Favorite Food

Ryan Tate · 09/14/10 01:37PM

Mark Zuckerberg lured a talented chef from Google by offering him the respect he'd been denied. Yet look at the frat-house fare the Facebook CEO has him cooking.

The Future of American Food: Deep-Fried Beer

Max Read · 08/31/10 08:02PM

An inventor has come up with a method for deep-frying beer for a competition at—what else?—the Texas state fair. Three cheers for America! So how do you deep-fry beer? Here's the quick-and-dirty recipe: