Knut Autopsy: Maybe He Really Was Nuts?

Jeff Neumann · 03/24/11 05:38AM

Wow, looks like PETA might have been right about something! Last year, the animal rights group said the world's favorite captive polar bear, Knut, was basically crazy and that he "suffers from panic attacks and 'sways to and fro' in an abnormal manner." (PETA last year also said Knut's balls should be cut off, so fuck them and their ridiculous campaigns that make all vegetarians look look like assholes.) However, the the group may have been at least partially correct:

Ecstasy Doesn't Damage Your Brain

Max Read · 02/15/11 11:30PM

A new study that compared ecstasy users to non-users found that ecstasy doesn't impair cognitive ability, contradicting the results of earlier studies. This study—published on Tuesday in Addiction—was unique in that its subjects—even the non-users—were all rave-goers, and therefore undergoing the same experience of sleep deprivation, dehydration, annoying guy with the goddamn glow sticks, etc.; even then, researchers "found no ominous, concerning risks to cognitive performance" [CBC]

Love Means Not Knowing Anything About Your Partner

Max Read · 10/16/10 03:37PM

Love is... commitment. Love is... compromise. Love is... not giving a shit about what your partner likes. A new study indicates that people in long-lasting marriages know less about their partners than people in shorter relationships.

Skinny Women Make More Money—But Skinny Guys Make Less

Max Read · 10/07/10 12:13AM

This may come as a shock, but many people treat thin women better than heavier women. I know—it seems unbelievable! But it's not just that thin women are treated better—they also make more money. How much more?

Surprise: Some People Do Not Understand Grammar

Max Read · 07/06/10 10:50PM

Researchers found that some native English speakers were unable to understand the sentence "The soldier was hit by the sailor," indicating that grammar may not be "universal." FYI: It means the sailor (boats) hit the soldier (tanks). [Science Daily]

Divorce May Be 'Contagious'

Max Read · 07/06/10 01:15AM

A couple's chances of divorce are increased by 75% if a close friend or colleague of one partner gets a divorce, according to researchers. Does this mean that Al Gore, Tiger Woods, and Kelsey Grammar are bros? [Daily Mail]

Big Pharma's Big Time Swine Flu Swindle

Jeff Neumann · 06/05/10 12:39PM

Remember when H1N1 was going to infect and kill everyone on Earth unless, of course, we all purchased Tamiflu©? Shocker: The scientists who drafted the WHO's governmental advisories to stockpile drugs were paid consultants to the drug's producers.

Have Allergies? At Least You're Less Likely to Get Cancer.

Max Read · 05/23/10 11:48PM

According to several new studies, people who sufferer from airborne allergies are significantly less likely to get some kinds of cancer, thanks to the immune system-boosting effect of allergies. Nerds! Do they ever not win in the long run? [NYP]

Being a Neurotic, Insecure Wreck May Help You Survive

Max Read · 05/16/10 08:38PM

A group of psychologists believe that emotional insecurity may actually be a survival advantage. So now you can blame evolution for the fact that you've never had a relationship last longer than six months. Thanks, Charles Darwin!

Congress Proves That Hulk Hogan Sucked

Pareene · 01/09/09 03:50PM

So this is what congress has been up to lately! They just finished a two-year investigation into steroid use in professional wrestling. The most important finding?