A Portrait Of Mass Murderers As Toothless Old Men

Maria Bustillos · 02/28/16 01:35PM

“Luckily, I drank blood. If not, I’d be crazy, calling to prayer from the trees,” says Inong, a thin, old man in a knitted skull cap. “If you drink blood, you can do anything! Salty and sweet. Human blood.”

See a Five-Minute Film About New York City in the 1980s

Whitney Jefferson · 03/15/11 06:00PM

Sure, the music and editing will make you feel like you're on a bad trip, but this footage of a very 1980s New York City—or as the author put it, "No York City—is interesting never-the-less.

This Trailer for The Smurfs Will Ruin Your Childhood

Matt Cherette · 03/10/11 10:32PM

Here's the first official trailer for The Smurfs, the Niel Patrick Harris-starring live-action (and partially animated, too, duh) big screen version of the hugely popular '80s TV series. So, how's it look? Well... bad. In fact, very, very bad. Oy.

What if Seinfeld Was a Dramatic Movie About World Takeover?

Matt Cherette · 01/24/11 08:24PM

There will probably never be a Seinfeld movie, but this is a good consolation! Here's a fake—and incredibly impressive—trailer (made by recutting footage from the series) for Jerry the Great, about Seinfeld's desire to take over the world.

Here's Seven Minutes of the Best Slaps in Hollywood History

Matt Cherette · 01/24/11 04:16PM

One of cinema's earliest, longest, most famous and eternally requisite action moments is the slap. So, what better way to celebrate that than with seven minutes of the movies' best slap-happy moments, all conveniently presented in a supercut! Watch inside.

Here Are Eight Minutes of Arnold Schwarzenegger Screaming

Matt Cherette · 11/18/10 02:30PM

Even though he's currently California's governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger is probably best known for being an action star—oh, and for screaming incessantly in every one of his movies. Inside, a supercut (aka a compilation) of every Schwarzenegger scream ever.

A Completely Wasted Movie Supercut

Matt Cherette · 11/16/10 09:05PM

Who doesn't love supercuts? Whether it's Taylor Swift looking surprised (here), people in movies watching movies (here), or something else, a good supercut is always entertaining. So, here's a new one, featuring nearly five minutes of absolutely wasted movie characters!

If Other Directors Had Made The Social Network

Matt Cherette · 11/16/10 03:12PM

What if David Fincher hadn't directed The Social Network? What if the Facebook film had been made by, say, Wes Anderson? Or Michael Bay? Or Quentin Tarantino? Or, even, Frank Capra? Inside, a humorous video with those interpretations, and more!