Mickey Rourke "Beat" a Homeless Man in a Boxing Match

Hamilton Nolan · 12/01/14 09:37AM

Actor and faded tough guy Mickey Rourke, age 62, fought in and won a professional boxing match last Saturday night. His opponent: a "homeless drifter" who clearly took a dive.

How to Win Fights With Your Family This Thanksgiving: Don't

Kelly Conaboy · 11/26/14 12:45PM

Tomorrow you'll gather around the Thanksgiving table with your family—those precious few souls that walk this cold Earth draped in the same flesh and blood that coat your weary bones. Invariably, they will say something that makes you want to murder them or, at the very least, ruin dinner in the process of setting them straight.

Slanted American Tradition: Broken Children and Unbroken Barriers

Rosa Cabrera · 12/22/12 11:37AM

Last Friday night, after hearing about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, I spent the last hour of my son's preschool day in class with him. I feared for his safety. The thought that scared me most wasn't the possibility of some white man draped in a black trench coat, carrying semi-automatic weapons, charging into his classroom; it was, and is, the fact that the nation will eventually try with all its might to cut through my son's spirit. The Sandy Hook murders were a painful reminder of the American tradition my three-year-old son will have to reckon with. This unfaltering reality frightens me because there is no emergency response for that.

Lingerie Football League Game Ends with a Brawl

Matt Toder · 12/21/10 11:32AM

When the Tampa Breeze and the Miami Caliente of the Lingerie Football League play things always get heated. It's a bitter rivalry and their most recent game didn't disappoint. Tempers flared and the game ended with a brawl.

Kid Puts Bully in His Place (On the Ground Crying)

Christopher Han · 11/18/10 09:25AM

Whatever they're arguing over, one of them wants to throw down and the other doesn't. This bully looks good with his shirt off in front of all the neighborhood girls, but he's about to get mercy ruled.

Next Up: Harry Reid vs. Mitch McConnell

Jeff Neumann · 09/13/10 07:11AM

[Two Thai senators prepare to kick the crap out of each other in a kickboxing ring at Parliament in Bangkok, to promote the preservation of Muay Thai. Image via AP]

How to Become An Ultimate Fighter

Alison Flood · 03/02/10 11:00AM

Have a blind rage inside of you that needs to be let out? According to this video, if you have a crazy wardrobe and similarly crazy friends—your hidden anger can help make you an expert in mixed martial arts.