Prison Guards Made Inmates Fight for Snacks

Gabrielle Bluestone · 10/05/13 10:00AM

Three Pennsylvania prison guards were suspended this week for allegedly arranging for inmates to fight each other and get hazed in exchange for snacks.

Brad Pitt To Bleeding Paparazzo: 'If You Want War, You Will Get It'

Molly Friedman · 07/25/08 05:05PM

In the latest Pap Said / Celeb Said scandal, the mystical forests of Brangelina's French estate turned into a bloody battleground where one ruthless pap and the Jolie-Pitts’ head of security attacked each other with walkie-talkies and teeth. As the NY Daily News reports, freelance photographer Luc Goursolas was so determined to slip into the compound unnoticed that he spent five hours on foot, decked himself out in camouflaged clothing, only to come face-to-unhappy-face with the soccer team’s unamused top guard. As Goursolas claims:

Friday Night's Allright for Fighting

Sheila · 06/20/08 04:17PM

We already told you about the mysterious no-holds-barred public fights that sprang up one afternoon in Union Square (and showed you two skinny, chickenfighting hipsters.) But now there's more photography from the event, highlighting these graceful, modern gladiators. The best thing about these fights? Their backdrop: Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and a variety of chain stores. [Photo by Anya Roz via AndIamnotlying]

Chuck Palahniuk's Book Trailer Basically Straight-Up Porn

Sheila · 05/12/08 12:03PM

Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk, coiner of the term "suicide girls" and writer of stark raving mad fiction (people have fainted during his readings), has a new book, Snuff. As it the trend right now, he also has a book trailer. As Fleshbot pointed out, it's a porn parody, as the book concerns a gangbang. Is it SFW? Sort of... there' no nudity, but your boss will assume you're watching bad 70s porn. (Here's the test of a good book trailer: after watching it, are you able to figure out what the hell the book is about? Well...)

Brawling and Belting

Richard Lawson · 02/08/08 12:21PM

Rumors continue to be bandied about that Fight Club, a novel by Chuck Palahniuk and later a film by David Fincher, could become a Broadway musical. The tale of two men (SPOILER: It's one guy) who start a brawling, anarchistic little gentlemens club that quickly gets out of hand seems like a strange fit for the singing stage, but the recent critical lauding of both the bare bones Broadway revival and hyper-violent film versions of Steven Sondheim's Sweeney Todd may be encouraging producers that it could work. Reports have even suggested that Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor might be writing the score. A film (and book) with a dark cult following, made into a musical by a musician with an even darker cult following? Seems like a strange fit for the bubblegum cult of Broadway. I suggest taking it to The Atlantic, where more off-beat shows like Spring Awakening get a chance to stretch their legs. []

'The first rule of Fight Club is...'

Tim Faulkner · 05/25/07 04:43PM

TIM FAULKNER — "The first rule of Fight Club is never talk about Fight Club," but some San Francisco tech workers have adopted their own rules according to WRCB TV. They've formed their own underground fight club, the Gentleman's Fighting Club, to release stress after work as programmers and engineers. Apparently, they are unaware that the film and book by Chuck Palahniuk is a work of fiction. Of course, geeks sometimes have difficulty discerning fantasy and reality and often take their favorite obsessions too far: whether it be Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Gallatica... or in this case Fight Club.