Fifth and Sixth Apocalypse Riders Busted in Snake-Throwing Onion Fight

Andy Cush · 12/09/14 12:10PM

It is foretold in Revelations that two men in the northern wilds of Saskatchewan, incensed over the preparation of a fast food breakfast sandwich, will procure a serpent from a jacket pocket and hurl it forcefully across the counter at an innocent employee.

LSU Frat-Boy Brawl Documented With Perfect Video Selfie

Andy Cush · 09/15/14 12:10PM

On Saturday, the eighth-ranked LSU Tigers beat the Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks 31-0 in a drama-free home game. Far more exciting than that shutout was the frat-boy showdown that one attendee documented outside.

Are You Surprised That the Video of Comedian Steven Crowder Getting Punched in the Face By a Union Activist Was Misleadingly Edited?

Jordan Sargent · 12/13/12 07:26PM

This week's worthless, petty political controversy has taken an entirely predictable turn. As you may recall, conservative "comedian" and Fox News contributor Steven Crowder released video earlier this week that showed him getting punched in the face by a union activist during right-to-work protests in Michigan. Well, it turns out that Crowder's video was misleadingly edited to show him being punched, but not what happened immediately prior to the union member taking a swing at him. Even more hilariously, it was Sean Hannity's producers that slipped up and gave it away, as the NYT's the Lede blog points out.

Video Shows D.C. Metrobus Driver Literally Throwing Off Passenger

Matt Cherette · 09/07/11 04:35AM

Washington, DC transit officials launched an investigation on Tuesday after learning of a video that appears to show a Metrobus driver forcibly throwing a passenger off a bus and straight to the ground. A Metro spokesman called the driver's actions "completely unacceptable" and noted that "appropriate action" would be taken against him just as soon as they figure out who the hell he is. Because they don't know.

Vicious Girl Fight Takes Over Entire NYC Subway Car

Matt Cherette · 08/17/11 02:29AM

We learned last week how annoying it can be when people take over an entire New York City subway car to throw a party. But there are worse things in this world, as you'll see in this newly uploaded video of an all-girl brawl that erupted on the R train.

Watch This Lady Mayor Punch Some Sheriff Dude

Lauri Apple · 07/02/11 06:23PM

Sara Duterte-Carpio is the mayor of Davao City, Philppines—a place recently hit by flash flooding. She's probably a bit stressed out by all the devastation and tragedy going on in her town. Or maybe she's just someone you don't fuck with, ever.

Basketball Bully Uploads His Own Punch Video to the Internet

Matt Cherette · 01/26/11 02:45PM

"I was at a basketball game tossing in the ball (#34) and #3 hit my eye and I punched him." So says Evan, who recently uploaded this video of him punching an opponent during a youth basketball game gone awry.

Howard Stern Attacks Jay Leno, Oprah Winfrey on Piers Morgan Tonight

Matt Cherette · 01/18/11 09:56PM

The night after Oprah Winfrey served as Piers Morgan Tonight's first guest, Howard Stern took to the program to accuse the Queen of Daytime of stealing Phil Donahue's format. Then, Stern called Jay Leno "insane" and "a crook." Watch inside.

Is This the Worst Guitar Solo Ever?

Matt Cherette · 01/13/11 03:00PM

It's natural that band members won't always agree on everything. Case in point: this painfully hilarious video of a horrible band performing a horrible song, followed by an extra-horrible guitar solo, followed by an angry smack to the face. Ouch!

Missing Cell Phone Leads to Full-On Female Brawl at Bronx Diner

Matt Cherette · 01/07/11 02:20PM

Last Sunday, patrons at the Bronx's Munch Time Diner were treated to more than a piece of pie when a nasty fight broke out—over a missing cell phone—between several women in the middle of the restaurant. Watch inside.

And Now, a Cat Battling a Washing Machine

Matt Cherette · 01/05/11 04:14PM

You know that, "If a black cat crosses your path, it's bad luck" saying? Does it still apply if the cat—named Robocop, here—is busily engaged in a battle with a front-loading washing machine? Or is it just cute?

Watch a KFC Employee Completely Lose It

Matt Cherette · 01/04/11 03:31PM

The lesson of this video—taken by a customer at KFC—is that one of the fast food chain's employees really, really, REALLY does not want to be recorded. And when he is recorded, he completely loses it. Watch inside.