You Should Care About the Women's World Cup

Dayna Evans · 06/10/15 02:10PM

Last year, the U.S. men’s national soccer team was eliminated from the World Cup in the first knockout round of the international tournament. The disqualifying match, played against the very good Belgian national team, was watched by twenty-two million people, making it the second-highest-viewed soccer match ever aired on American television. Belgium, to the dismay of these 22 million people, beat the U.S. 2 to 1. America, as a result, folded up its interest in soccer as a national rallying sport and put it back in the closet for another four years. Maybe in 2018, we’d have a chance to right our past wrongs, and to prove to the world that we could be a dominant soccer nation, too.

The Non Sports Fan's Guide to the FIFA Scandal or Whatever the Fuck

Dayna Evans · 05/29/15 02:05PM

You may have just seen this headline, or a related one: “Sepp Blatter Re-elected as FIFA Boss Despite Charges” What does it mean? Which of those words are nouns, which are verbs, and which refer to human beings? Allow me to guide you, non sports fan.

Fake National Soccer Team Plays Real International Match

Max Read · 09/15/10 12:21AM

On September 7, the African nation of Togo and the Middle Eastern kingdom of Bahrain played a friendly international soccer match. The only problem: Togo says it never sent its team to play the game.

Why You Should Root For North Korea's World Cup Soccer Team

Max Read · 06/16/10 03:00AM

Still trying to figure out who you're supporting in the World Cup? How about North Korea? They might be playing as representatives of a starving hellhole ruled by a brutal, insane dictator. But their coach has an invisible telephone!

New Google Design Features AIG

Owen Thomas · 03/26/09 12:19AM

The Googleplex is a place apart. But are the brainiacs of Mountain View, Calif. so cloistered that they haven't heard of AIG's woes? Apparently so, judging by new graphics VP Marissa Mayer unveiled Wednesday.