Charlie Kaufman's Meta Vision Gets An Actual Distributor

Seth Abramovitch · 07/22/08 03:30PM

· Sony Pictures Classics is close to picking up Synecdoche, New York, Charlie Kaufman's sprawling directorial debut spanning 40 years in the life of a guy who tries to mount the greatest play of all time. It began as a real-time project, but has since been whittled down to a far more digestible two hours, four minutes. [THR]
· Nia Vardalos's long-awaited follow-up to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, My Life in Ruins, will be distributed by Fox Searchlight. In it, she plays a travel guide who gets her groove back while touring through Greezzzzzzzzzz. [THR]
· The Wiffler: The Ted Whitfield Story, is an "indie baseball mockumentary" set in the world of competitive wiffleball during the 1994 MLB strike. [Variety]
· Christian "Fierce™" Siriano will design all the looks for the young title character of Eloise in Paris, trying his best not to make the famed Plaza Hotel resident not look like some hot French tranny hooker mess. [Variety]
· From the people who brought you American Pie 2: Michael Vartan and David Cross will play "bitter tire store rivals" in Demoted. [THR]