High School Class Finds Body on Field Trip

Max Read · 05/11/11 06:59PM

A high school class in Louisville, Ky. just went on the best field trip, ever! If you like finding bodies. Because that's what they did! They found a body, face-down "by a creek behind the school in a wooded area."

A Day With the Tea Party Express

Jeff Neumann · 04/15/10 07:16AM

Conservative savior Sarah Palin swooped into liberal Massachusetts yesterday for a rally on the Boston Common. There were lots of old white people, some stupid signs, and a bunch of boring speeches. We mingled. Here's what we saw.

The Williamsburg Hipster Grifter Scavenger Hunt

T.A.N. · 04/18/09 03:30PM

Yesterday I went to Williamsburg in search of The Hipster Grifter. We may have spotted her! Also, we randomly ran into people from the previous pictures and coverage. During the work day! She's amazing!